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"What else is that?Hurry up and do it."Medusa frowned at Dai-mei, as if she was unhappy that the neighborhood fairy was still hanging around here.

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Qi Shan angry voice not many people pay attention, the so-called Yan Lao Bai Lao person took the jade bottle first, and then carefully poured out one of the round green elixir.

With the more and more murderous approach, the two people's hearts are also surging up a shock, and they can only close their eyes and wait for death, a small thunder, but suddenly ring in the forest, that is to say the two people feel that the body suddenly took off, this process, lasted only a short moment, to wait for them to return to God, it is startled Cane, they have been in the Xiaoyan three, in their shoulders, but also a palm.

Young and crisp sound just fell, a white, white and tender fists came instantaneously, above the fist, purple light glistening, a terrible condensation of power, feel behind the sudden appearance of the terror power, that Scorpion Mountain eyes is also surging up a shock, forcibly turned around, the hand of the blue stick on the chest.

Standing alone on the mountain, Medusa stared at the disappearance of Xiao Yan's three people. After a long time, she sighed. She had a feeling that Xiao Yan left this time, it would take longer than any other time to come back, and at that time, I'm afraid his strength, even even her, could only look up...

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Deep sound, in the sky, surrounded by those two sides of the fighting strong people seem to feel at this moment stop hands, eyes all concentrated in Xiaoyan and exhausted mountain where, in the latter's pale face and increasingly weak breath when the eyes of the strong eyes suddenly burst into shock and ecstasy, but look at those Scorpio strong people, but the heart is gradually pouring out a touch of cold.


"Isn't this the old man?"In my heart, I had an idea that I was shocked. The face of Iron Dharma changed. This fight is six above, and there is not much influence that can be feared by the Soul Hall. In addition to the" Danta ", this ancient clan is one of them." No wonder at such an age can reach such a point... Damn it, it's really bad luck, how could you meet here... Forget it, I'll withdraw today and wait for the next day until this guy leaves... "The mind flashed the thought. The iron dharma looked at the distance above the sky again. There was still no much movement in the gray-purple space cage, a bite of teeth, when the moment Lima was out of the way back.

"You soul hall people, always like to say this kind of meaningless words..." Bend fingers lightly flick the sword in hand, hear the clear sharp sound, Medusa raised her head, towards the iron dharma faint way.

The arm had just touched Medusa, whose body suddenly straightened up, and on her cool cheeks, there appeared a touch of pale crimson, but it did not escape.

"Ho ho! Even if you are on the second floor of our Thousand Medicine Workshop, you can rank among the best in the world. I think you know the rules of the second floor of Qianyao Workshop, right?"said the master of the Yao Fang with a charming smile.

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