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His eyes twinkled and Su Qian gave a sharp shriek, and he shouted to all the elders, regardless of the gold and silver and the black corner strong men who watched the tiger.

"It is extremely difficult to obtain this kind of heart. It takes us great manpower every year to get about three or four regiments. Moreover, it also depends on luck that this thing is not very useful to other people above the Dipper, but it can pave the way for his promotion to the Dipper King. Of course, there is a great risk. The pain of forging is extremely difficult. One carelessness will not only fail, but also cause great harm to himself."

"Elder, hurry up, or the beast won't stop him when he goes out!"

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His eyes looked coldly at Ziyan, which appeared in front of Liu Qing. Her blood-colored wings vibrated slightly behind Fan's tuberculosis, and his figure rose quickly. In an instant, she jumped into the vast sea of blood that permeated the sky.

Looking at those shrinking invisible flames, Xiao Yan's eyes gently blink, dark eyes, even a strange glow.

Everybody looks at each other, they dare not speak, was falling heart inflammation swallowed and dragged into the depths of the earth, even if it is a strong fighting clan, fear is also a lot of bad luck less ah

The light of light, guided by the pale green light, floating and chaotic consciousness, is like catkins.

Feel the surging fighting spirit in the body, Xiao Yan smile that the white Cheng wants to make a life to let oneself also lose behind the victory plan is to be defeated with his miraculous effect of burning kill, plus all kinds of hall medicine cooperation, as long as is not really serious injury, a short time to clean up is not what circle difficult matter

Xiao Yan such strange behavior, Fan tuberculosis and other people are not clear about its details, so a time actually no one dare to take the lead.

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"I don't know if the elders in the inner court can suppress the riot. If I can, I might have some preparation time. If not... I'm afraid I'll have to start now. But I'm afraid the success rate won't be high.Xiao Yan frowned.He naturally knows, if once falling heart inflammation break through the heaven immolation gas tower, then he can only take advantage of the opportunity, otherwise, this falling heart inflammation has possessed wisdom, once get out of trouble, will automatically lurk, then where he gets to look for?"

"Tut-tut, your opponent is us, the ten-year-old figures carry a strong breath of blood, suddenly burst out suddenly, and finally formed a confrontation with the academy's powerful people.

And Xiao Yan looked at the little flame snake when the latter also seems to be him, now that the pair of snake pupils is a ferocious, a terrible invisible flame, slowly rising from its body.

Looking at the fire armor giant in sight, the silence, although it is not clear exactly what happened, but this moment the arrowhead momentum, much stronger than before, and even if it is far apart, but the crowd on the stands still feel a heat wave rolling in, it is hard to imagine, if it is with the flame in front of the collision, will face how hot the heat.

"You must not stay when you go out of the tower!"Previously, the grey-robe elder turned his head to Lin Yan and others, who were bewildered in their voices." Hurry up, get out of the gas-refining tower! ""

Once the little flame snake is formed, it is with a kind of extremely terrible degree, the fierce impact on the energy network, then explodes in a roar!

A five-star fighting king strong, unexpectedly only in the hands of Xiao Yan, insisted on a very simple move!

His eyes looked darkly at the bruised blood, Fan Yan smiled coolly, but did not give him a little time to recover, palm grip, a blood spear condensed out, then the arm trembled, blood spear mixed with the stink, just like lightning to the body some stagnated fierce sweep away.

The heavy load in his hand was taken over, and the elders were also relieved, arched their hands towards the grateful people such as sunken, then leaped down into the sky, sat on the ground, and quickly recovered the fighting spirit consumed in their bodies.

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