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"Xiao Mansion!"

Originally in the heart vaguely filled with some wronged elegant concubine, in this with a little apologetic low voice, but like smoke, instant smoke dispersed, smile, charming and charming city.

However, listening to the man's address, it is Xiao Yan Big Brother, reckless tripod!"I sent people to recruit Hai Lao and Xiao Ding in a hurry, mainly because I received some bad news."The imperial concubine flicked her finger gently on the table and frowned." According to information, Yun Lanzong seems to have some slight movements. The last time Yun Lanzong made a move against Xiao's family, this time it must have been a lot."

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The arm would pounce on Ziyan, feel the suede jade-like lubrication skin, eyes immediately drift up, a dry cough, hurriedly put his black robe on Ziyan body, and then on his head hit hard, said: "Please be quiet, or you will not refine shape pills, you will be like this throughout your life."

Looking at the huge energy sword suspended on the top of Yunshan Mountain and rotating slowly, I felt the terrible energy contained in it. Xiao Yan's complexion was also a sudden change, with two wings behind him, which suddenly reverted for a distance. When she was back, Xiao Yan's hand seal was also changing abruptly.

"Serpent friends, I have something to look for Queen Medusa, and give directions."Chong"

Smiling forward, he rubbed Ziyan's head. Xiao Yan smiled and said, "Well, I'll make it for you later, you greedy insect."

The light in his eyes twinkled.Xiao Yan suddenly stretched out his arm, clasped his arms around his slender waist, closed tightly into her arms, and whispered, "Are you suggesting something?"

And when everyone was ready to rush down the city wall, suddenly saw the temperature of the sky rose rapidly, and with the temperature rise, the dense green poison fog, but out of the murmur, it was like meeting the oil-boiling snow-like, quickly disappeared.

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"Why, come on, sit down!"Seeing Medusa standing alone in the hall, Haibodon hastened to tell him that Xiao Yan dared to hang this horrible woman here, but he had no such courage.

With a sad smile, Yun Yun's jade hand slowly clenched the sword. A moment later, Meng's silver tooth bit: "Then let me return it!"

Xiao Yan made a smile, but did not too much entanglement on this topic, pondering for a while, Fu Wen said: "Brother wooden iron, these years seems that the Kama Empire is not calm ah..."

However, they just turned, a seven-colored cold light instantly arrived, then mixed with fierce sword, straight from a person's waistcoat, straight out, with a blood arrow.

On the eve of a conversation with Xiao Ding, Xiao Yan appeared. Then he got up and smiled at Xiao Yan and said, "I'm sorry to disturb you early in the morning.

Take the jade bottle in a daze. With these small jade bottles, you can kill the head of the serpents and servants?

On the grassy mountain wall, dark shadows emerge strange, its whole body is wrapped in the black cloak, but ordinary people even their men and women are not discernible, only a pair of recent years indifferent eyes, from the cloak out of the cloak, look at the valley three people without emotion.

"Sister Ya-fei?"Xiao Yan was stunned by the name stored in her mind, and a warm smile appeared at the singing horn. When she was chased and fled by Yun Lanzong, thanks to her hand with the Mitel family, Xiao Yan would never forget her kindness to herself.

He."How could he really be the leader of the Yan League who defeated Yunshan, Xiao Yan?"Ling 'er, Kagang and other people look at the black-robed youth with stunning eyes. They feel as if they have turned over the sea. Although they have always held the most intense speculation on Xiao Yan, they still did not think that he was the most powerful new overlord of the Kama Empire and the leader of the Yan League!Of course, strictly speaking, this is not unthinkable, but dare not think, because the head of Yan League to many people of the Kama Empire left an impression, is really greater than mysterious and powerful, in some people's hearts, it is regarded as a faith to worship, this kind of thing, in this strong world, is not rare, not, Xiao Yan is still a broken old rule breaker, he broke Yunlanzong in the hearts of countless Kama empire people can not shake the position, therefore, the status of nature is extremely noble, even though the name of Xiao Yan and that Yan is the same as the leader of the Yan League, but still did not think of this step.

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