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The mind slowly withdrew from the cyclone. through the previous detection. Xiao Yan can know. Don't look at these liquid energy volumes that are not the size of a fingernail. But if you want to convert it. I'm afraid I need a third of the yellow Dou Qi in my cyclone before I became a Dou Shi. It is possible to convert such a tiny drop of liquid energy. It can be seen from this. In this small drop. What kind of considerable energy is contained.

With the cry of the lead snake man. This team is also gradually searching away. Leaving a large empty desert.

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After taking off the Qinglian, Xiao Yan looked at the rhizome that was frantically devouring the fire-attribute energy in the surrounding magma, licked his mouth, and said with a smile, "Teacher, this rhizome can absorb energy so crazy. It must be a kind of strange treasure. Shall we take it with us?"

Sitting on the ground dripping with sweat, Xiao Yan took a few heavy breaths, wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve robe, and shook his head with a wry smile. Even after a division battle, it would be tiring, but fortunately, Queen Medusa was much weaker for some unknown reason. Otherwise, Xiao Yan would have been directly slaughtered by her today.

In Yancheng, countless people looked up stupidly at the terrifying fire wave that swept across the sky. Even though they were separated by thousands of meters, the fiery fire wave still made people sweat profusely.

Just when the snake man started to attack, a sharp wind breaking sound suddenly sounded in the sky, a black shadow suddenly swept across the sky, and finally, like a black lightning, with a bang, it smashed heavily between the snake man and the mercenary. between.

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Seeing Xiao Yan who was gradually walking away, the man gritted his teeth and squirmed, shouting with all his strength: "Little brother, please help, if the team can be rescued, our Motie Mercenary Corps will definitely reward you with money! "

"Pfft..." With the slight sound of breaking wind, several white ice thorns shot out from the fog, and finally shot at the Xuan heavy ruler in front of Xiao Yan.

Flying beside Xiao Yan, Hai Bodong tilted his head and looked at the young man with the help of the moonlight. At this time, the unfamiliar and terrifying aura in his body had completely disappeared again, and in its place, it was still the aura of a fighting master.

"Merlin. How are things going?" Hua Bai. An old man in a light gray shirt. He spoke in a low voice.

Xiao Yan held his arms and looked coldly at the three people who were trapped in fear and despair. He did not have much sympathy in his heart. He knew that if the current situation of the two sides were changed, then these people would definitely have no sympathy. Killing the two of them without mercy, since no one else has any mercy, then Xiao Yan can also face them after temporarily obliterating these emotions!

Chapter 261 Sky War

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