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For that Yun Lanzong's old mixed hair, he really has no half-point victory grasp, if today to help Haibodong, I am afraid tomorrow, Yun Lanzong will begin to open a knife to the royal family!

His eyes slowly swept over the refined medicinal materials recorded in the scroll. A moment later, Xiao Yan nodded, took up the scroll and fell into deep meditation. These herbs are rare. I want to collect them completely. It seems that it takes a lot of time to collect them. It seems that some of these medicinal materials need to be found. As the largest auction house in the empire, the Mitel family has a very rich nature. Although these herbs are rare, they should still be able to gather some together.

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The atmosphere of tension in the hall was a slight lag with the appearance of young men in black robes. The atmosphere that was about to collapse was slowly subsided due to mutual fear.

"What are you looking for at the Xiao's house?It's just a small family."There's something that appeals to you, too?Yun-shan frowned, and he had been curious and puzzled about it for a long time.

Thinking of this, the mammoth's eyes could not help but emerge a touch of fiery. His life's greatest wish was to make himself go further on the road of refining herbalist. However, due to his qualification and age, it was hard for him to make any further progress. If Xiao Yan really said that he could break through to six-grade refining herbalist in ten years, it would not be necessary to include the Herbalist Association into the alliance.

His eyes looked directly at the attack of Dharmapala. The eyes of the old drug fluctuated slightly. He knew that it was impossible to evade the attack of opening dharma with serious injury. It seems that today, arrest has become a certainty...

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Fierce perfusion, the dark color of the scale, suddenly became green up, even, faintly there is a curling green flame leaping and out.

Because I don't know the exact combat effectiveness of Dou Sect, Xiao Yan can't tell that the Flowing Dharma has reached the power of several stars after using the Secret Technique. But according to speculation, I'm afraid it's more than six stars. After all, now Yunshan is at least a two-or three-star-fighting strong person. The strength of the old medicine obviously has to be a little higher than him. But now it's not surprising that Zhufa can suppress the medicine into this way. It's not surprising that there is such a power.

"What are you going to do, sir?"Looking down at those decadent Yunlanzong disciples, Nalan Yan sighed, saying.

"Well."Then be careful."Seeing Xiao Yan saying so, Medusa nodded a little bit, whispering softly.

To see Xiao Yan Jian if once successful, then Yan League and the crisis of the Gama Empire, will be She completely removed this method, the most secure "that poison Zong leader, you think really trusted?"Xiao Ding's fingers jog gently on the table, after a moment, sink the sound.

On the ground came Medusa's faint gaze stopped at Xiao Yan, then turned to Haibodong and the others, and said, "If you're ready, let's go."

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