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The air is tight and depressed. Xiao Yan's heart is full of sweat. The black-robed old man in front of him gives him the feeling of oppression. He is no weaker than the cloud mountain of Yunlanzong. With his present strength, if it is to exclude the drug elder's help, I'm afraid others can wave their hands to subdue themselves.

This conflict with the black corner field, almost so many years, the largest scale, the largest number of those who have participated in the war, that kind of almost obscurity of energy contemptuous ripples, see those students below are full of excitement and fervor, people live all their lives, painstaking cultivation, for the sake of standing up that the strength of the top and become others look forward to strong people?

With the fluorescence filled Xiao Yan eyes, that appeared in his front of the world, suddenly changed although still a red world, but the surrounding heart inflammation, but slowly became transparent, and in that transparent, a palm-sized, some inclined to milky white flame small snake, is constantly flashing,... small snake eyes are filled with invisible flames, eye ball rotation, looks quite smart, very obvious, this little snake, has intelligence.

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Suddenly stagnated, Xiao Yan's whole body is half an inch from the ground, the body in the middle of the air into a whirling tendency, five fingers grip, with the help of the body rotation force, with a low sound explosion, suddenly burst out!

Slightly nodded, Xiao Yan's heart is also quietly become a lot of hot, but this is not the time to think of this, now the energy of the Tazhong riot is no longer suitable for cultivation, so it is better to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, in case of any other accident, he is also involved in, that can be a little speechless.

However, although the field of combat for the students in the stands is quite wonderful, but for Xiaoyan and other people, but can only make them nod slightly just, after all, the strength is different, natural vision is also absolutely disloyal, look at anything, are not standing in the same Ding, position.


The green fire lotus leaves the hand, is the strange windward surge, short blink of time, is from palm size to expand into half ten feet wide, the green flames of bears rise on it, set it off like a lotus platform, sacred and dark contain terrible destruction.

Moreover, there was almost no room to drill, and all that had been cut showed that there was little chance for her to repair the cliff

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However, Xiao Yan also has absolute confidence, any offensive, in the dark ruler, also have to dissipate!

The sudden appearance of an imperious breath no less than fighting the powerful, not only made countless students in the distance stunned, but also even the chaos of the battlefield in the sky is a slight silence.

Let's go!"

The last move is sure to win or lose."Liu Qing's face, which has been as heavy as water, appears a slightly stiff smile. The shotgun slants through the air, leaving a faint trace of gold in the void space.

"Dou Wang step, is the watershed of the big six, how difficult it is to promote this level, you should be extremely clear. If you don't have enough chance, it is not impossible to stay at this level all your life."Su Qian glanced at Lin Xiu Cliff, Liu Qing and others, saying," If you dare not accept forging, you can put forward it. This source of mental inflammation is also extremely precious, can save, that is naturally the best."Su Qian's free way.

Therefore, although falling ', Xiao Yan's ranking on the list of strange fire is not comparable to falling heart Yan, but the power of the created Buddha anger lotus, is no less than that of the previous year!


Xiao Yan was stunned. She must have seen that wisp of blackness just now. She took her head. He said reluctantly: "In order to get a medicinal herb, he dispelled the poison for Nalan Jie, but it turned out that he got the poison into his own body. Fortunately, the poison had no harm to me, so it had been hidden in my body all the time. Only when she was promoted, he could discharge a little."

Looking dully at the distance from Xiao Yan's face only less than three meters away, is completely turned into hot metal of the gun, Bai Cheng body immediately some crumbling up, all the means have been used up, but the opposite that bastard, but still not falling eyes dead eye Xiaoyan, when the latter eyes suddenly appear as cold as ice and killing full of life, all over the skin, suddenly a small dot, a fear, again spread out from the heart of the heart.

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