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Chapter 959 The Dryness

See the brake Xiaoyan several people unscrupulous search warehouse, that covered with green scales of the giant snake immediately dish up the body, snake letter spewing, a tail, is with a huge force, mercilessly sweep to Xiao Yan et al.

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Think of here, Xiao Yan is also light spit one breath, sunlight cold saw Han Feng one eye, instantly sleeve robe one wave, falling heart inflammation is sweeping the latter, a head into jade bottle, immediately the flame rises, in the bottle mouth place condenses into fire film seal. "I hope what you say is true, or else you will die, even if you do!"

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The low explosion noise does not raise the slightest energy to dang xia Mang, but the struggle over his body has dissipated most of the time. A tremendous force explodes in his chest, leaving the bags on his skin dripping with blood. His body forms a form of urgency.

"Xiao yan brother, when the time comes if really want to give what condition, please you one thing, as far as possible will young lady away." Xiao Yan leaned back against the window of the car. Suddenly a low voice rang out from outside. He couldn't help being stunned and turned his head to see that it was Han Chong. Should nothing matter, that Xia Mang wants to buy road money, give him some when the time comes, can't solve

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And in eagle mountain old eyes flashing between, face suddenly change again, because he is now, Mo Tianxing actually is not traces of the movement of a few steps, just its last retreat locked.

Ice melts open, the dress gown of ground demon old ghost is also directly change into powder, Xiao Yan complexion is indifferent, hot temperature, direct is to make the corpse becomes fiery red rise, and as this unceasing baking, suddenly there is a trace of light black gas drill out of the corpse, and then be burned into nihilism by green flame.

"Two down son." When the attack is blocked again, A touch of surprise also appears in Hongchen's eyes. Immediately, he suddenly cries out cold: "Try the claws of wind Thunder Pavilion!"

With animal of the griffin, want from black Angle domain arrival day qing mountain city of the world, and it takes nearly half a month of time, at least not for this, ZSZSZSZ and others also is no way to hin blue has yet to reach zhu don't fight, and even barely reached, must have to support she flew all the way to the city, so a stop-and-go, as well as directly by the griffin beasts, It's a little bit easier, although it takes a little bit longer, but it doesn't matter if you get used to it for a few days.

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For Xiao Yan's words, Han Chong only when comfort, a wry smile, some self-mockery, know Xiao Yan is now a seriously injured person, also puzzling to tell him these, when the time comes really have an accident, I'm afraid he didn't even have the strength to save his life, how can also go to help miss.

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