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In such a search, Xiao Yan and other people naturally can't avoid to have a match with some of the fierce demon beasts in some mountains. Although they didn't get the required materials all the way, Ziyan got a lot of rare herbs under the special treasure-hunting ability. Among them, there are just a few kinds of materials for refining the Heavenly Soul Melting Blood Pill, which makes Xiao Yan rejoice.1,

Xiao Yixian looks at the opposite Scorpio Bi Yan cold, do not know whether the eye is dazzled, she saw each other's eyes passed a touch of light sarcasm.

Feel Xiao Yan that strong overlord a little breath, little medical immortals also feel a little joy, smile slightly.

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Xiao Yan's eyes swept at the city gate, one side, a burst of obscene laughter, but suddenly came harsh.

With the view of a while this exchange Dan assembly, Xiao Yan is vaguely understand some things, he now, the value of these medicinal materials, about half or less can be refined pills, for example, if it is a refining four-grade pill herbs, want to succeed in exchanging it, is to need a three-point pill, but exactly which of these three kinds of pills, then is determined by Thousand Medicine Workshop, if the body has been prepared for words, it is able to directly exchange, and if there is no place, at the side of stone platform, is ready to have good quality Ge medicine tripod, obviously is to prepare people to make on-site refining.

Small medical fairy smiled slightly, then strong spirit, flimsy arm dance, like a mermaid, slowly came to Xiao Yan before, the beauty eyes staring at the latter chest on that magic poison spot, slightly nodded, said: "magic poison spot spread has slowed down a lot, with the ability of this pool of poison water, it seems not so obvious effect?"

Looking at the fallen Scorpion Mountain, I felt that the Yundao became weaker and weaker until the last breath dissipated. Xiao Yan just breathed a heavy sigh of relief. This guy was really difficult to deal with. I didn't expect that he still didn't cause too much damage to it after using the Flame Splitting Wave Ruler. In the end, if it wasn't Ziyan's sneak attack, I'm afraid he would have to hold it for a while before he could defeat it.

With the help of space distortion, the huge colorful snake swallows the sky comes in an instant. Finally, in a roaring sound, mixed with the terrible energy, face the iron dharma fiercely, hit and feel the more and more terrible wind approaching behind. The iron dharma also turns its head in horror and looks at the colorful python in the eye pupil. A fear spreads out from the bottom of my heart...

Inside the space cage, Scorpio Bi Yan looks darkly around that diffuse gray purple sticky concubine gas, he can feel, this mist, contains a kind of even he is dare not freely inhale the poison inside the body, and, this mist seems to interfere with the human degree agile role, between the poison mist, he just felt his body became a lot heavier.

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"I can't run away."Xiao Yan smiled and turned to Wu Hao and said," Is everything all right?"

"Hey, Heaven Poison Girl, I didn't expect that there was even a strong fighter in Branch Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect. Today, I want to see if you can make two enemies with one enemy!" Scorpio Bi Yan stamped on the empty space with a crutch in his hand. The voice was cold and juniper laughed.

Hurricanes come quickly, go also fast, after pouring about thirty drops of Zan thick liquid fighting gas, the hurricane is slowly dissipated, and that pure fighting gas, but also gradually fade, finally dispersed, spread to Xiao Yan's limbs, finally hidden not to see.

The camp defense is extremely strict, even in the sky, there are countless eye lines cross-glance, if not Xiao Yan three along the way with small medical immortals, I am afraid even their strength, but also so smooth into it.

Fifteen days!

Heard, Xiao Yan is also a slight nod, here is full of poison gas, although ordinary poison gas into the body will be burned into nothingness by glass lotus heart fire, can stay here for a long time, it is really no good for him.

"That old guy now momentum straight to the top of five-star fighting school, has become more small medical immortals, so, small medical immortals must be difficult to compete with it again." With this keen soul perception, Xiao Yan can take the first step to feel the change of Scorpio Bi Yan, the heart is also a little sink, unexpectedly, this Scorpio Bi Yan actually hide. Have this hand.

Ten into the Thousand Medicine Workshop, the noise of drinking and cursing is suddenly weakened a lot, a mixed with countless kinds of medicinal herbs with a rich fragrance of medicine, is to hit the face, the rich fragrance of medicine, almost directly let Xiaoyan hit a sneeze.

Xiao Yan saw leaping out of the pool, small medical immortals but hastily moved away q light,.'You're not wearing clothes,' said some impatient anger."

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