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The sudden appearance of Xiao Yan changed the face of the famous fighter. However, his reaction was not slow. The sharp sword in his hand was almost unthinkable. It was just taking up a strong wind and stabbing Xiao Yan's throat.

Remote sky above, huge gray purple space cage, suddenly out of regulation an abnormal wave, I saw that the space around the distortion barrier, suddenly ripples, only a moment time, the curved arc is more and more tiny, to get finally, the twisted space, unexpectedly is so slow to completely restore to go.

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At the sight of Yao Fang's master, he was depressed and said, "Yama?

When preparing downstairs, Yao Fang master suddenly out of the channel.

"Well."Xiao Yan nodded slightly." That old man of Scorpio Sect, how is his strength?"

In the valley, the green flames burning, a flat softly, fluttering fall into Xie Zhener, but make the latter eyes suddenly constricted.

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However, Shengran is only a preliminary encounter, but the sword and chain intersection, but it is already out of the sky, surging energy ripples everywhere spread to see two strong fighting force into the firestorm battle, around the two strong people quickly back, afraid to be involved in, that the end of the plan will not escape a dead word.

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"All things and books have 1 o"

"Hey hey, guys of Scorpio Sect, your opponent is us. If you want to find Mr. Yan's trouble, ask us first. "" Of course, the strong people of Poison Sect are not idle to eat. Now they have the upper hand. Their morale is also extremely high. After a flash of light and shadow, the strong men of the first ten thousand Scorpions come to Xiao Yan step by step. When they move, they surround Xiao Yan and stare at those strong scorpions who want to attack Xiao Yan with a cold smile."

As soon as this thought appeared, it was Xiezhen war will fade away, cold eyes everywhere without trace of a sweep, foot pedal violently behind the rock, body shape into a green shadow, at Xiao Yu and other people in that group of students shot and go.

With the heart thought flashed, Xiao Yan no longer hesitated, the strong movement of the fingerprint.

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