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how to connect to students' prior knowledge

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As the blue light came out of the light column, the huge beam of light seemed to have lost its energy support, trembling a few times, then gradually becoming illusory until it finally dissipated completely.

"What a bad luck this fellow is."On the stands, everyone could not help sighing in their hearts when they saw the ugly expression of Bacheng.

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With the inner courtyard badge on her chest, Xiao Yan went into the inner court without hindrance, looking at the gradually scattered figures in the field of vision, he could not help breathing long in his heart, these two months, except Lin Xiuya a few people, Xiao Yan is no longer see the other half figure.

Ah, the faint cough suddenly remembered, brought the two silent elders back to God, and glanced at each other, both with a smile of sarcasm.Elder Liu gave a dry cough. His eyes were swept in Xiao Yan's hand. The deep face was a little more smiling at this moment: I don't know what your director is?

A sudden strong momentum from the room surging up, from Xiao Yan quite near Xiao Yu, but also was shaken back a few steps, then a pretty face shocked at that face suddenly dreaded Xiao Yan, this momentum... Even if the tutor, are much stronger ah!These half a year time to see, Xiao Yan unexpectedly strong to such a degree?

Slightly nodded, have seen him and snow demon sky ape battle scene, Xiao Yan naturally is not small peep this strong person, the heart a little ponder, really suddenly laughed and said: this second and third all have, who is the first?

"That appointment.Both sides violated the rules.Naturally, there is no number.Yao Lao Lian wants me to be a guard for him for a year.Don't think about it!"Queen Medusa cold sound, without hesitation to exit refused.

He nodded his head slightly and suddenly remembered the purple crystal wing lion king that he met in the Warcraft Mountain of the Garma Empire. When Yunyun wanted to exchange Zilingjing, that guy offered to take the shape-changing pill for it. Xiao Yan is not the first rookie now. On the road of refining herbalist, Xiao Yan has reached the state of entering the room, and naturally it is more clear that the precious shape-shaped pill is precious. At the same time, it is also clear how difficult it is for the Warcraft to get away from the animal body.

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Cold looking at the struggling Xiao Yan, Queen Medusa lotus step gently move, slowly toward the former, slim hands slightly upright, faint colorful light condensation in his palm, finally solid into a long seven-colored sharp sword.

An invisible force of soul rises from the black ring on the finger, enveloping the anti-inflammation, and cutting off the oppression of the python and the snow demon ape.The sound of old medicine.In the anti-inflammatory heart sounded "Let the Sky Python stop the snow demon sky ape.You hurry into the valley looking for "geocentric body-quenching milk".

Elder Liu's nature is not suitable for such hidden-minded things, although he is very well-tempered with serious anxieties.On his face he shook his head with a sigh.Unexpectedly, he got up slowly, and put the lotus seed into ring, arched his hand toward Elder Liu, and then smiled at the good elder beside him and said, "Come on, good Elder."

"Hey hey, but maybe you won't meet that guy. If you want to run into the top ten, it will be ten times more difficult than defeating White Path.Today's top ten guys, all strength is in the fighting spirit peak, combat experience is extremely rich.At the same time, they also have good fighting skills, fighting capacity is far from the level of white can be compared."said Lin Yan with a smile.The plain words did not leave Xiao Yan much face.

In less than ten minutes, Xiao Yan's bones were almost completely shrouded in the mottled colors. At a glance, there were colorful colors everywhere, quite strange.

The drug elder looks at the flaming fire rising rapidly in the medicine Ding. Because of the extraordinary quality of the "Black Devil" tripod, it really takes some time to warm the tripod at the beginning. However, it is natural to save these times by refining medicine and controlling the cold fire of the bones. Therefore, after the flame rises for nearly one minute, the master hands of the herb wave against several herbs on the ground in front of him. Suddenly, the fire-red earth fire is slowly suspended and finally put into the medicine tripod.

Stunned at the huge blue column of light rushing into the sky, Xiao Yan could not help breathing deeply. The movement is a little too big. Even if it is far away from the inner court, I'm afraid it is impossible to escape some powerful and domineering elders.

In the quiet quiet room, the cyan flame through the medicine tripod, printing on the wall, the rising and dancing claw, as if a demon general, between the rising flame, the medicinal materials placed in front of Xiao Yan, is shrinking urgently

With the sound of vigorous fighting in the sky constantly reverberating, vast, near for a long time,

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