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In a quiet atmosphere, Xiao Yan in the field covered his mouth and coughed violently several times, the previous fierce fighting.It is also let him consume greatly.In addition to the use of Tianhuanxuan and swallow "Longli Dan" reasons, so when the nervous tension relaxed down, the whole body is in a sense of fatigue.The silence was broken by the fiery cough.Then came the thunderclap of a sudden burst of joy.At this moment the members of the Rock's door hissed with laughter, a loud roar.Gather together and go up into the sky."Howl!Head, that's great!"Head, you are the strongest!Oh!"

With the foot step out of the dark channel, Xiao Yan suddenly felt a bright eye, after a slight adaptation to the light, just look around, and when it looked at the surrounding environment, her face could not help but emerge a trace of astonishment.

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Elder Liu felt a little upset when I knew it. Xiao Yan didn't dare to stay any longer. Xiao Yan gave a sneer in her heart. Then he exchanged his eyes with the good elder. The two gently withdrew from the room, leaving behind an elder Liu who was holding the lotus seed of the ground fire. His face suddenly turned with joy.Enjoy the complex taste alone in the room.

White and people's head, I Xiao Yun 'er next is."Seeing the other party's position, Xun-er's cheeks were slightly heavy, but in spite of Xiao Yan's resistance, she stood at her feet, and said coldly.

Eyes cold looking before this tall body, breath is unusually aggressive man, Xiao Yan eyes micron: "Bully Liu Qing?"

The dark yellow remains of the spear stagnated in mid-air.At the point of the gun, there shone a strange cold awn, strengthened by a deep yellow fight, each of these shadows.There is a hole interspersed with the strength of the stone wall, Bai Cheng looked at the already near Xiao Yan, cold shout suddenly burst.And with the sound of its cry fell, before the thick yellow shadow of gunfire, suddenly shot and outburst.For a while, the shrill sound of wind-breaking sound, in the ring of war sob up, very harsh.

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"I have some confidence in him, too. I don't know what that fellow thinks."Lin Xiu-ya stretched out lazily, looking into the dark area of a shadowy figure, and said with a smile.

On the morning of the fourth day, just dawn, Xiao Yan 15 consecutive victory is carried by all kinds of rumors, and like the wind spread throughout the whole inner courtyard, for a while, Xiaoyan this name, once again became the focus of the inner courtyard, and Panmen, but also because of Xiao Yan's relationship, water rising boat height, prestige, has begun to catch up with Lin Xiu Cliff and other strong list of top strength established by the trend of top strength.

In these three days, I don't know why, Xiao Yan and people fighting between, fighting style than the day and Bacheng, no doubt more fierce many, and, because of the five high-intensity battles every day, Xiao Yan not only attack the way, in the eyes of the people with extremely fast degree become skilled and fierce, even even momentum, are becoming more solid, powerful...

Xiang Er this time is not even bother to answer a word, among hands, more/ new// fast golden light gradually flourish, its contained strong energy, so many people are in the dark are startled.

The voice fell, Xiao moxibustion is a bang sound, the body Tong turns into a black drama, against the white Cheng burst away, happy once the feet fall, will leave cattle inch deep footprints on the ground, Deng shares crab strong fishing momentum, just like a man's magic general, very feel impact!

"But this Black Corner Region really deserves to be the most chaotic place of Senior Six. Hey hey, I was overshadowed several times during this period, and I almost left my life there. These injuries were suffered in the Black Corner Region. Those guys are as cruel as hungry wolves.

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