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Potatoes like to watch the monthly ticket go up, even if it is one, but it can let the potato know,

Xiao Yan three people into the Laizhuang Pavilion soon, is there is a beautiful appearance of the maid came quickly, then bent over, after accepting the token of the three checked, then is smiling will tell the three people where the house is located.

The fire lotus slides slowly. Finally, it suspended in mid-air two or three meters away from the bald snake man, and the blazing temperature released from it caused fine sweat to continuously appear on the bald snake man's forehead.

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Therefore, even if anyone really successfully auctioned this Bodhi, but want to take it away successfully, without some real ability and strength, I am afraid it is extremely difficult.

Turquoise glistening light flies across the sky. It only appears in an instant before the black fog. And this s1, that iron dharma finally can clearly see what the crystal awning is."."Crystal fingerprint?"

Suffering such a heavy blow, that Xie Zhen face finally came out of horror, hoarse shout.

Wind ripples spread out, Xiao Yan step back step back, a shake of the shoulders, it will be along the arm to transmit the dark strength away.

With the opening of the fighting between the two main gates, the strong men with both sides at the beginning of the sixth round also rushed into the forest to kill the fourth time. Occasionally, they met the strong men of both sides. Then, of course, there would be a big war.

"Come on, I'll escort you for a distance, and I'll go to college as soon as the Black Emperor auction is over."Xiao Yan smiled at Wu Hao and Xiao Yu.

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District immortal that pair of grey and purple eyes in the cold light flash, thin fingers suddenly move, that the space in front of suddenly become some twist up, and Centice five people through this body shape, degree obviously slowed down a lot, and in their body shape for their meal, straight and sharp fierce wind suddenly shot and come back, the strength contained in the momentum, even the space is slightly shaken up, it seems that the community immortal for the Centice five sudden betrayal, is also extremely furious.

The three elders of Centice Cliff who escaped from the disaster looked at the two white bones falling from the sky and swallowed a spittle, and there appeared some lingering fright in their eyes. If the two strong winds hit them before, perhaps the fate would be the same.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly.

Xiao Yan laughed with sarcasm. The corner of the scorpion's mouth twitched slightly. "Don't be proud too early, boy. The one who laughs last is the winner. Now taking advantage of your tongue will only make your fate worse."

At the center of the stone forest, there is a small pool paved by black stones. Around the pool, there are four heads of venomous snakes. The giant serpent's mouth is wide open. Between the spitting of snake's letter, dark colored liquid flows out continuously from it and drips into the pool at last.

The whole sky is silent at this moment. Everyone can see that Scorpio Bi Yan is already the end of the road. As long as he falls down, then the whole Scorpio Gate will be happy to lose the last pillar V "" Hey hey, I may be sure to escape today, but if you want me to die, you will pay the general price of blood!"

"If you don't want to suffer any more from baking, just answer the question, and the rest will rot in your stomach."Xiao Yan gave him a cold glance, then asked again," Do you know what is the use of so many souls in the Soul Hall? ""

Exhaustive mountain smiled, but did not dare to have a bit of neglect in the heart, before the body influx of a lot of Qi, resulting in a little pain in the meridians, if it is a few times, I am afraid they will directly burst and die, after all, they are not like the Mulan three old like, have a special fusion of skills.

Young and crisp sound just fell, a white, white and tender fists came instantaneously, above the fist, purple light glistening, a terrible condensation of power, feel behind the sudden appearance of the terror power, that Scorpion Mountain eyes is also surging up a shock, forcibly turned around, the hand of the blue stick on the chest.

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