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The black-robed youth smiled at Lin Xiu Cliff and burst out with his green flaming palms and grabbed the former neck.

At that moment, millions of people fell into a brief deafness under the thunderclap of the distant sky.

He raised his head slightly, and looked like a wolf across the huge battlefield not far away. He nodded his head. He smiled rather cunning and said, "Don't worry, I won't pick the emperors and strong men to do it, and among those who fight the king, as long as they don't meet such perverted ones like you, I am sure of the others."

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Hope you don't really meet me in the game, otherwise, I'm afraid it's going to be a killer.Xiao Yan wiggled her head, whispering as if nothing happened.

When the pair of green lights in which Xiao Yan jumped alive again, the voice of anger, suddenly rang up, then, the light was full of light, an extremely violent heart fire, appeared in Xiao Yan's heart again eerily, and then the mad four intentions destroyed two

Chapter 560 Fallen's heart, burst out!

Over the years, Xiao Yan was the first person to participate in this inner-house war as a cadet, and this in these young people's eyes, is a great honor!

Xiao Yan gave up weapons, also made Yao Sheng's face surging into ecstasy, this kind of time brake could not allow him to think too much, the dagger in his hand was suddenly covered by black fighting spirit, a trace of black air wrapped around it, a strange fishy atmosphere, suddenly prosperous!

Lingquan's shouting had just fallen, and stood quietly on the back of a unicorn with four wings, like the nine figures of sculpture. His face suddenly became cold and his shape shook. The nine figures almost simultaneously flashed into the forest, and a deep crash began to sound.

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Su Qian's roar had just fallen, the terrible noise, is a roar, everyone is able to see at this moment, that day the burning gas tower, the fierce trembling.

Although always to his defeat in Xiao Yan hand grudge, And perhaps because do not want to admit the reason, Bai Cheng has been his failure of the final reason attributed to XiaoYan swallowed Longlidan, But, In this moment, But in the heart is raised four lines of very pale fear, It seems, Although he mouth does not want to admit, But his heart deep, Really real XiaoYan fear psychology.

"Good luck, if it had not happened to restrain his dark waters, it would not be easy to win."Xiao Yan shook his head and laughed.


"It's worthy of being ranked high on the top of the list, compared with the previous several games, but not only a higher level."Feeling the pressure of the spreading momentum, all the students around are secretly in the heart of praise.

The energy of the sudden riot between heaven and earth also made all the strong people in the sky stop their movements in panic. They stared at the area which suddenly became almost a vacuum. The terrible fluctuation of energy overflowing from the collision between the fire lotus and the fire and beast made them frightened. If it fell on their bodies, they were afraid that their bones would really burst on the spot.

Xiao Yan couldn't help but be surprised when he walked in the Pan Gate. He seemed to have many more members than ever before, and the overall atmosphere was also very high. Along the way, the eyes of those who shot from everywhere were full of reverence and awe.

"Hopefully, of the six elected today, we won't touch each other, and I don't want to meet you at such a critical moment."Before anyone arrived, the hearty laughter spread to Xiao Yan's ear. The attention paid to Xiao Yan in that voice made all the people around them look at the latter with astonishment. In this inner courtyard, people who could give such great attention to De Lin Xiu Cliff were almost as rare as phoenix hair.

"These two years you have walked comfortably, but also fast." Thinking of the kind of near-tormented pain they have suffered in these two years underground, Xiao Yan's face is also gradually raising a grim smile.

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