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"Let's talk about your father's orders first," he said.

"You want me to search for medicine for you?"Although Ziyan was young, she was not stupid, so Xiao Yan's purpose was immediately clear to her.

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Heart turn this idea, Xiao Yan will be diluted two bottles of earth core quench milk into the receiving ring, and then no longer stay, turned along the way to come fast travel because has been familiar with the road, so Xiao Yan out this time is curtailed a lot of time, only less than 20 minutes time, is out of the cave.

There are many strong people in the inner court. Xiao Yan doesn't seem to cause trouble. Therefore, after avoiding those,,,, { look out} famous guys, he fell down at a place where there were few people, took back Ziyun Wings, and then quickly went to the medicinal materials management warehouse of the inner court.

You stand back a little bit, bigger movement, still behind!The old doctor stared closely at the inside of the medicine tripod and suddenly reminded him.

Xiao Yan, smoked children and other people closely follow, a silver twinkle, outside the forest is again become empty.

Heard, Xiao Yan although full of doubt in the heart, but still nodded, take out a superior green jade piece from the ring, use Qi carefully wrapped on its surface, then gently along the medicine old finger in the bottom of the clock ring mark cut in.

"The guy's name is Yao Sheng, Liu Qing which gang, the usual Liu Fei is a bit of thought, last time heard Liufei and you after the conflict, Is to want to find you trouble, But it was Liu Qing temporarily stopped down, Don't look down on this guy, Although it seems a little sissy, But the strength is not weak, Strong list, He ranked 17, Strength than Bai Cheng also strong, Now compared at least in the seven stars fight around it."Lin Yan turned his head slightly, smiling at Xiao Yan.

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Such a move, that Liu Fei immediately some displeasure.And especially when she saw her cousin, who had always been rather pale, showed an interest in the former, and her heart burst into tears

"Well, Ziyan, why did you come here?Xiao Yan gave a dry cough and rubbed Ziyan's little head with a smile. Then she ran sideways into the room. When she entered the room, it was Xinfang Er, in which Sunjia and Wu Hao were among them. At this moment the three men looked at him strangely.

At present, under the strong "fire power" support, the strength has been enough to be comparable to some of the first-class forces in the inner court, and under the fire reward and punishment system set up by Xuner and other people attracted, even finally attracted two strength up to the strength of about three-star fighting strong people, which made Xiao Yan's unexpected thing.

The old drug nodded with a smile. The old face seemed to be a little tired. He wanted to refine six pills with this soul, which was still a great burden for him.

"Ho ho, it's really lively here today. I just watched a battle between men, but now I've put girls on the stage again." The strange atmosphere was suddenly broken by a laugh.

"Oh?What's that?"Hearing this, Elder Hao's eyes brightened and asked with interest.

"That's great, boss!"Seeing the red figure spitting blood and retreating, the crowd of the White Sect could not help but burst into cheers and cheers from the grandstand. Then more sarcastic and curses were heard and sent to the opposite" Rock Gate ", and the members of the Panmen looked blue in anger.Chiya

Although the passage is extremely tortuous, but Xiao Yan is still able to feel, he is gradually going deep into the underground.Walking in this quiet atmosphere for nearly ten minutes, Xiao Yan suddenly appeared, far away at the end of the dark channel, suddenly appeared a occupy pale white light point, now a joy in the heart, degree hastened a lot, and with the closer approach, the white dot only gradually magnified, to the end, has changed into a white light hole.

The knowledge of the strong people of Douzong has been deeply rooted in a lot.

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