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"In addition, my grandfather is inviting some duzong masters to repair the space wormhole. If young lady is also interested, you can directly go to the space wormhole in the center of the city." The old man in yellow seemed to think of something and added.


Laugh, turn a body to come, to small doctor fairy three people embrace fist sincere sound way.

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Smell speech, Su Qian also nodded with a smile, and then hand a throw, gather fire pot from the na ring in the flying out, finally slowly fall in front of the four elders, smile fascinated: "you are the practice of fire attributes, fighting gas into it, try to the heart fire excited to what point?"

Was so much fierce crime eyes, even ZSZSZSZ, complexion is also slightly less natural, eyes stared at the head of the largest fire lizard man, this guy is not only fit unusual lizard, and Mie patches on the body also is a dark red color, also has the Yin cold and fierce crime in the sun, it is with a hint of other lizards people don't have the cruel and cunning over.

Smell speech, Mo tianxing fist immediately clenched up, seems to be some hesitation, and the side of The Han Feng saw it, is hurried to say: "Mo Zong, Mo Ya was xiao Yan poison? Don't fall into his trap. I know a thing or two about detoxification, and when it's over, I'll do it for him."

It was a never-ending darkness and an eerie whistling sound that shook the heart.

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A look of astonishment, and then the way of horror.

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In the crowd hissing while, it is not aware of, the force of a soul, quietly from the pile of flesh and blood channeling, and finally into the ground, quickly flee.

Purple and red, like a Yin and Yang fish in general, outline on the surface of the Dan medicine, it looks as if there are some clever general, very magical.

Facial expression change between, that luo jia old ancestor hope red dress girl's vision, also in vain become severe a lot of, immediately the vision turn, hope xiao Yan and so on, tone unconsciously of change slow down: "a few, today's matter, really is small day's fault, I Luo cheng, in this generation she apologized to a few."

Brothers, please come to some strength, power to potatoes, let us make four more today, can be deficient? !

I heard the little doctor speak like a dying word. Xiao Yan brow immediately a wrinkle, scold scold way.

As if because of Xiao Yan's provocation, the dark clouds turned more and more turbulent, a moment later, the sound, resounding again, than the previous one, fully twice as strong silver thunder, once again from the dark clouds, jet out.

For the small medicine fairy of this wait than xiao to hand in even horrible achievement, make many inside the courtyard of the so-called genius, are in her that almost evildoer like cultivation talent overshadowed, but this still has not hindered the village fairy in this period of time, become many ran hospital male learning buttercup heart of the ideal lover.

As HeSheng drops, the shrouded in ZSZSZSZ body surface flame suddenly violently churning, finally jinshu retraction into ZSZSZSZ body, and at the same time, the latter's momentum "is like previous cici, skywards, just a moment, is to the latter more directly, for a moment, shocked that rapid climb up the full face above all..." \ &

Looking at the surface of the flow of countless small cold vortex of energy cover, Xiao Yan and small doctor fairy fist are slowly clenched up, this old immortal really thorny.

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