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Wipe a face like running water general sweat, Xiao Yan secretly cursed a ghost weather, a pull clothes, will take off.

"This, I am afraid, is the real strong..." A little whisper in his mouth, and a moment later. Xiao Yan's eye pupil, instantaneous become fervent rise, he believes, one day in the future, he also can achieve this kind of level!

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Chapter two: The Struggle against The Continent

Fingers do not trace the touch of the primitive ring, Xiao Yan slightly at ease, this is the capital of the real strong ah...

"Idiot." Heart spit out two words, Xiao Yan touched his nose, in the eyes of the gaze slightly nod, light way: "accept."

"Kaoro, in a year, I will meet you at Canaan College. Wait for me."

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Shook his head, Xiao Yan glanced at the beginning of the command of the team to dig herbs of the small medicine fairy, and then also on their own in the basin wandered up.

Bluestone training ground above, all the eyes, are firmly staring at the field of two people, Xiao Yan's previous performance of the terror of the results, after all is true or false, a start, we can know.

"Boy, hope you don't break my good thing, otherwise, tube you later have what achievement, I can give you forever stay in mountain of warcraft!" With his fingers clenched, Muli's voice was no longer mild, but cold.

Hearing the words, Elegant princess one leng again, surprised way: "how long? What are you going to do?"

There were also three gold stars beside the girl's delicate breast, which she had begun to nurture.

After breaking through to the six-star player, Xiao Yan's strength has greatly improved again, and after continuing to go through three days of stake training, he is now able to support himself in the series of attacks of 15 stakes under the condition of carrying a mysterious weight. The apparent progress made his eyes smile.

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