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"Go."With a whisper of wine, the wisp of colored glaze's heart-fire bursts into it. Then it goes into it along the fire opening of the medicine tripod. In the moment it enters the medicine tripod, it suddenly expands, and finally it turns into a blazing flame, rising and rising inside the medicine tripod.

"Just against Yunlan Sect."Xiao Yan smiled faintly, then glanced at Mu Tie and suddenly said," Is there any news about Yunshan, Brother Mutie?"

Chapter 7117 Dan Cheng

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Xiao Yan nodded slightly, and Xiao Li is fast forward, then a chair courtyard door pushed open.

With two people against each other.Two is full of strong killing and cold eyes, is interwoven together, sparks burst, murderous overflow.

"Nine hundred of souls!

"Are you all right?"The others appeared, looked at each other, and then all opened their mouths and asked.

"By the way, where are you going to shut up?"Xiao Ding looked at Xiao Yan and suddenly said.

Of course, relative to the embarrassment of the moon Mei, behind the two clothes blue robes, robes painted on the golden goose two middle-aged people, the same image is not very good to see, although the moon Mei body was seriously injured, can rely on the snake nationality that strange body fighting skills, but always make them difficult to catch up, and over time, the two people's hearts inevitably will be irritable and impatient, but a thought of this is down the order, but can only sulking head a rush.

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The two collided with each other, and the dark shadow gave out a mournful cry. Then it quickly retreated. The arrow caught sight, and it turned out to be a black "double-winged monster."

"Xiao Yan, if you want to swallow us in one gulp, I'm afraid you'll die!"When Xiao Yan saw Xiao Yan's cold hand-waving, Yun-du's heart jumped into his heart, and immediately she burst into his eyes and shouted madly.

Heard, Haibodong is also a lull, it seems that Xiao Yan can be in such a short time is some of the drawbacks of Yun Lanzong clear, he is also extremely surprised.

"Ho ho, Xiao Xiao, we've all gone through it.I don't know why Sect Leader Xiao doesn't look at you?"When his eyes swept around, the sinuses laughed, and suddenly asked.

Of course, the nature alone won't make Xiaoyan so frown, and this cultivation maniac, like most sensitive male serpents, take Medusa as the goddess in the heart, and because its strength in the clan is second only to Medusa, so generally speaking, it is the most likely person, but unfortunately, this midway suddenly appeared Xiao Yan this blocking tiger, so even if he did not meet with this person, but Xiao Yan also know that he should have a lot of hostility towards himself.

Xiao Yan fought with Yunshan with lightning for more than ten rounds. Both fists come and go, and attacks are all extremely fierce. An careless attack will cause no small injury.

Xiao Yan's face is expressionless and his eyes are only fixed on the distant horizon behind the three imperial confederates, where a huge shadow is sweeping up like lightning.

With the sound of Xiao Yan falling down, the roar of the roar to the eye to rise, then everywhere from the entrance of the cave at any time burst out, and in the dust, Shandong was once again opened!

Xiao Yan's words, cloud rhyme is a smile.A flash of smile, though a flash in the pan, can be dazzled.

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