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"Hehe, I'm fine."Gently stroking the Sky Python, Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and said," Little fellow.Thanks to you, or I'm afraid there will be a fierce battle this time."

He shook his head severely. Xiao Yan suppressed the discomfort of his body. These years he had not had too little suffering. Therefore, these crispy feeling could not make much obstacle to him. He sat in a wooden basin with his legs crossed, his hands formed a cultivation seal knot, his eyes were gradually closed, and his breathing quietly became balanced and long. After a half-sound, the itch feeling on the body was gradually fading away, and Xiao Yan also entered the cultivation state.

A slight change in her face, Xiao Yan Xiaoyu is very understanding, if not really something serious, she would not be so anxious, but in this outer courtyard, what can happen?

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Xiao Yan was stunned when he saw his elder brother's behavior. He quickly summoned the Purple Cloud Wing again and followed carefully.

Wrapped by white jade in the spacious room, there are several corridors, the corridor placed on both sides of the same overall white jade made of tall counters, Xiao Yan randomly into a corridor, eyes to the counter in a glance, suddenly a variety of strange appearance, a glance will know that belongs to the kind of extremely rare medicinal materials quietly stand in it, the faint has different taste medicine fragrance elegant out.

A pair of scarlet eyes stare at the anti-inflammation in the middle of the air, or. ..the swallow-sky python beside the anti-inflammation, together with the Warcraft, the Snow Devil Ape is not unfamiliar with the breath that swallowing the sky busy, this breath, make him a little uneasy and a little fear month off, a snake and one ape look at each other, two strong and powerful momentum gradually rise and rise, under the pressure of these two forces, to eliminate the present strength.A little bit suffocated.

To this time, some people with flexible mind just suddenly, Xiao Yan this move, is not completely want to put an end to the endless stream of challenges, more, perhaps still want to borrow other people's power, temper oneself! And now, it seems that his action, made a great success, in these fifteen games of total victory fierce record, strong list of the last 30, not only no one has dared to think XiaoYan is soft persimmon, to challenge him, and its strength is also refined a lot, some eyes poisonous people, even some doubt, in these three days, it seems Xiao Yan's strength, has gradually entered into the level of two stars fighting spirit, although his real combat effectiveness far beyond this level.

Xiao Yan's blow, Lingli's boxing wind blocked all the space around the body, so that it has no place to avoid, therefore, the latter also can only open the eyes full of fear, looking at the big fist in the pupil of the eye hastily magnified.

In the smoke footstep into the rest of the square, some whispers in the field suddenly fell quietly, a road seems to be peaceful, but hidden fierce eyes from everywhere shot out, finally stayed on the entering Xiaoyan body, then, are slightly stunned, there is a low sound of doubt from the sound.

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Looking at the medicine old that tight face, Xiao Yan knead some tired eyes, invigorating spirit.Once again, he watched the refining process firmly, and he knew that watching this rank of alchemy was of great benefit to him.Can not worship lost the opportunity.

"Teacher, what's wrong?"Xiao Yan got a little nervous about the old doctor's behavior and asked hastily.

"Do you have any pieces of jade?Take a piece of jade gently dig in from here, remember, don't force hard, or it will completely damage this ten thousand years can form stalactite."Old Yao waved his finger in the sky, and there appeared a palm-sized ring mark at the bottom of the clock. After a long while of looking up and down this mark, he turned his head to Xiao Yan solemnly saying.


Because of fear of some hidden crisis in the dark channels, Xiao Yan is very careful to call the cyan flame to the limit, a total of nearly twenty cyan flames, scattered around, constantly in front of the road.

Why don't I eat here if I find it so troublesome?You old man is so much nonsense. You are muttering. Be careful that I hit you. Elder Hao gives you a slanting look. The little girl seems to be a demonstration. She also grows up and gnaws the Golden Bodhisattva.

The refining of "Longli Dan" is more complicated than that of making "Vajra" for Zizi before. Fortunately, Xiao Yan's strength has entered the stage of fighting spirit. No matter in the strength of fighting, or in the degree of fire control, there is a very obvious progress. Therefore, the refining this time is much easier than comparing with Han Shu. However, this is only relative. From Xiao Yan's forehead constantly permeated with sweat, the refining of the "Dragon's Pill" still needs his best efforts.

"Don't worry, he's gone through the most painful period, but things will go better later."The old doctor smiled and turned his eyes to the liquid medicine in the wooden basin and watched it become pale," he said.

Curiously looking at the change of water and liquid in the wood basin.Xiao Yan scratched his head and said in astonishment, "Isn't this cultivation here?"

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