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January time, in such a peaceful and leisurely day, slowly passed, seven more days, is the Shaw family held a wedding ceremony of the big day...

Gave her a white, ZSZSZSZ suddenly, canthus glance at moving near the direction of the big wood table, an enchanting woman dressed in a red skirt, just smile YanXi of talking to people, red dress package under the fullness and body, is like concealed, very hot, at this point, beside her, is surrounded by many people, the stage has become the most * * *.

Eyes cautious in not far from the road on the sweep. After seeing no one. Xiao Yan swallowed it in one gulp and leaned against the tree pole. Slowly waiting for the Dan medicine.

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With the sound, a figure shrouded in a black cloak, under the eyes of everyone, slowly crossed into the hall.

After sitting still for nearly an hour, a sassy maid finally came in with a small silver plate in her hands and a pink ring on it.

With his sword in hand, Xiao yan walked smoothly through several empty tents, and after a few moments, he was outside the big tent in the center of the camp.

Xiao Yan smile not language, stand up, in the eyes of the people, line to the training field, and then to xiao ke made a please gesture.

Nodded, Gu Ni sighed: "this time seems to really see wrong, but the empire of Gama four products refining medicine but so few twenty, this black robe people, how never heard of?"

The three elders looked at each other, and also sighed and nodded. From the appreciation that the old gentleman had expressed to Xiao Yan since entering the door, it was obvious that he was in favor of him. He was so kind to Xiao's family, and I'm afraid xiao Yan could not get rid of the relationship.

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"All spark of Origin?"

Xiao Yan shrug, noncommittal.

Looking at the rapidly shrinking property, Xiao Yan shook his head with a wry smile, now, he finally understood the money in the fight against the mainland, how important...

Looked at xiao Yan that indifferent facial expression, Xiao Mei heart a self-deprecating wry smile, only shan Shan leave.

"Oh, with the help of yunlan Zong to threaten father? This naran yanran, is really a good means..." Xiao Yan's heart, rang out an angry sneer.

If yafei's deference is to let xiao Zhan and others feel surprised, then behind this Gurni master, it is to let them feel shocked.

"Miss, Mr. Yao wants to see you." Outside, suddenly heard the soft voice of the maid.

Into the attic, several spacious channels now into the eye, in the most front of each channel, are painted on behalf of a variety of attributes of the huge font.

In the hall to discuss the strategy, a family guard rushed into the report, respectfully voice: "chief, there is a black robe outside, saying that some cooperation matters want to talk to the chief."

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