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"Elder Wu Hao, if you surrender today, I can assure you that you will never hurt any of the Canaan College students. How about that?"The grey-robed man was fascinated with laughter.

"After you've been captured, our Sect Leader will treat you well. Those poisonous scorpions I raised haven't eaten the flesh and blood of a strong fighter for a long time."Seeing the black fog burst, the scorpion mountain face is even more ferocious, facing Xiao Yan's cruel Fu Tao.

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"Stand back.

With the appearance of the old man in green clothes, the faces of both sides changed. The two powerful fighters of Evil Flame Valley quickly retreated. Then they knelt down on one knee and shouted with great reverence: "Welcome to the Four Elders!"Wu Hao looked at the old man in blue clothes in the sky, but his heart sank slowly. He was also very anxious about the old man in blue clothes.

And as the erosion of the poison blood of hard-fire more and more, Bang-Scorpio Biyan mouth is also a violent cough sound, accompanied by every cough out of his mouth, blood is uncontrolled gushing out of the mouth, and finally into the wet clothes.

The sudden shout made many people stop here, their eyes looked away with a trace of amazement, where a large group of people were coming quickly, in the crowd, a plain dressed red old man, was walking like a dragon and a tiger to come here.

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District immortal that pair of grey and purple eyes in the cold light flash, thin fingers suddenly move, that the space in front of suddenly become some twist up, and Centice five people through this body shape, degree obviously slowed down a lot, and in their body shape for their meal, straight and sharp fierce wind suddenly shot and come back, the strength contained in the momentum, even the space is slightly shaken up, it seems that the community immortal for the Centice five sudden betrayal, is also extremely furious.

In Xiaoyan mind rotation of mind, the so-called Dan exchange assembly is also officially started, some refining herbalist eyes on those herbs, if it is now suitable things, will come forward, but if you want to take away the herbs of interest, it is necessary to pay the same value of this medicinal herbs pill.

Chapter 785 Intelligence of Soul Hall

Huge ruler mixed with fierce oppression wind sound, roaring to, that strong wind, so that the scorpion mountain clothes tightly against the body.

"Strange Fire"

The three men strode slowly within the huge Black Emperor City, and through this experience, they only knew clearly, this time for the Black King City that big auction, what is the number of people on earth "

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