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The voice of Ling Ying had just fallen, and the delicate body standing upright in the moonlight trembled unerably gently.

Word ah this huge crowd is poured into a platform outside, with the fierce collision of two figures in the field burst out of the momentum.A series of hissing sound exhausted to cheer the sound, occupied the entire arena.

Elder Liu, what's up?Although this lotus seed can't compare with Dou Ling Dan, but it is extremely rare. Especially it has such pure fire energy, which is far better than that of the water magic box.Xiao Yan smiled and said.

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"Ha ha, I'm afraid he's a bird."By the way, Lin Yan laughed.

Hearing the eagerness of the old voice of medicine, Xiao Yan could feel the strength of the people who came here, vibrated the purple cloud wings, looked around quickly for a circle, then rushed straight into a huge mountain peak, and finally disappeared in the lush green shade.

Aroma glanced at Lin Xiu Cliff in front of her. Although the other person's appearance and temperament were among the inner courtyards, they were almost top-notch, but there were still no other expressions on her cheeks.

Hearing this cry, the stands suddenly some roar up, although in the arena to try to eat elixir is not a foul, but in any case, Bai Cheng's opponents are just a just entered the inner court less than half a year's freshmen, and this strength is lower than their own people to fight by taking pills to improve their strength, this move, can really be some people don't look up.

Hearing this explanation of medicine, Xiao Yan can't help smacking her mouth secretly. Unexpectedly, this" earth center quenching body milk "also has true and false distinction, the world, really is nothing strange.

"There's no point in this broken shield. It's a device when it's opened."On one side, the little girl glanced at the way, white tender almost transparent small hands directly into the energy shield, several shuttle, unexpectedly is not hindered by any.

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The appearance of the black shadow, and smoke children white Cheng's shock retreat, is only between the things between the electro-optic flint.Most people just feel the sight suddenly a flower in front of the eye, then is stunned to look at the two way backward figure.

"Look at Xiao Yan's hurried appearance, it really seems that there is something urgent. This is, I'm afraid I have to report it to the elder." When the last man disappeared into the silver gate, Elder Su meditated for a moment, then turned around to the sky, a pair of fighting wings emerged, and rushed away into the inner courtyard.

But heaven and earth energy inexhaustible, but that kind of mottled energy after the internal refining, can absorb is only a rather small amount, and this quantity, for the moment in the Jin Xiao Yan, no doubt is a cup of water.

With the help of the dim sky, Xiao Yan once again smoothly got rid of those who wanted to challenge him, ran straight into the temple, swaying back to the pavilion, but when he pushed the door in front of the termite suddenly flash, so that he hastily guard back a step, Dingqing looked, can not help but some stunned, the original white shadow, unexpectedly is the so-called "strong list" first, the incarnation of the Warcraft Ziyan.

Medicine contained in the strong energy, even if Xiao Yan early expected will not be weak, but today's real personal experience, but still feel shocked secretly, worthy of the need to condense so long years before the formation of heaven and earth spirit, this or through other drugs to reconcile the premise, if it is direct invasion of words, how to die do not know.

Pour the jade liquid in the jade spoon into a high-quality jade bottle prepared for a long time. Look at the liquid that still flows automatically like a living thing in the bottle. Xiao Yan breathed a long sigh of relief and worked so hard for so long that this thing was finally in hand.

Looking at the jade bottle on the table, Elder He grabbed him quickly and carefully poured out a dark red round elixir. He sniffed it deeply. "It's really done!You little fellow really has some ability. No wonder you can even harvest strange fire."

At the exit of the inner courtyard mirror, several shadows flashed out to see its appearance.Suddenly is Xiao Yan, smoked children and other people, followed by that curious Lin Yan.

I explained to you that I won't give this sixth-order Warcraft core to anyone, and you shouldn't waste your time."It seems to be in order to stop Xiao Yan's thoughts, so Elder Liu's words are going to die..."

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