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The power of the seven Stars is no laughing matter...

Out of the thousands of snakes gorge smoothly, the whole team was in a kind of ecstasy, left the atmosphere of hatches on the previously have been completely disappear, everyone is born to discussion of the previous discussion, the one mystery show up by the strong strength of terrorist, for them, but a very big shock.

Sky suddenly appeared on the scene, is to make college directly all are stopped, dumbfounded. He looked at the sky on the cloud of overlapping, between the front, after all is the heart, the line of sight suddenly turned to stone stage in azimuth, at this time, there is a shadow, negative hands, eyes not jing not afraid of looking at the sky on the variation of...

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Hearing the words, Xiao Yan's heart could not help but a surprise, he naturally knew that the phantom figure in front of him was the soul body, but did not think that the other party is to see his own body of falling heart..." I do not know the old gentleman here, the boy ventured into, but also hope forgive me." In the mind of flying rotation, xiao Yan is very polite in front of the way. Illusory figure did not ignore Xiao Yan's polite, the vision stared at him for a moment, then the palm of a move.

Hand help, this for his family, it is a little cheap.

Chapter 910 Departure

One grid war, jump to wait!

With the help of the special induction of magma flow, when Xiao Yan appeared in the leader behind, it is aware of, the mouth came out a low roar, wide palm clenched into a fist, mercilessly to the xiao Yan behind the anger hit and go. Bam!"

Look at the fierce soul of the move, the fire of heaven immediately a cold hum, a grasp of the palm, in front of the falling heart inflammation diffuse quickly and open, immediately into a fire network, flash and out, and finally catch the blood before the shadow, the whole mouth of the hole all blockade.

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With the slaughter has a person to leave the square, the Face of Han Feng, is also more and more gloomy, half ring, face is finally enveloped in a shadow of the Senran, the low voice, slowly sounded.

Between evasive, Xiao Yan's vision is also sweeping around, after a moment, the eyes suddenly slightly a condensation, he now, it seems that all the magma fireball, in contact with the transparent cover below, all will be cataputed back, that seems to have no power transparent cover, it seems not as simple as it looks

"Embalm son. ""

Feeling the attack behind, the ground demon old ghost with a cold hum, directly turn around, two palms suddenly swing out, immediately with that pair of slender white jade hand collision together.

The master has not come back once in all these years. You have disappeared. I am the sole ruler of this college." Words to the end, Su Thousand words in the anger quite thick.

"Good boy, can see through my three thousand thunder remnants. "" Steady body, Hongchen looked at the distant dissipation of the residual shadow, the heart could not help but some surprised, the previous Xiao Yan heavy ruler wave, almost is to its position is very understanding of the general, a foot swing, without the slightest hesitation, directly forced to appear.

The cold liquid of glittering and translucent get rid of appears in the flame, xiao Yan palm turns over, a small jade bottle is appear in the hand, then the bottle mouth tilt, some of the deep red blood with a chill flow out, finally fall into the flame, with that group of cold liquid fusion together.

In the state of cultivation, anyway, with his current strength, the consumption of supporting the space ship is more than enough

However, their understanding of Xiao Yan, but only a few years ago, now, "if there is that kind of vision to measure, I'm afraid will pay no small price.

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