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"Is this the true strength of the strong people of the fighting clan?Is it actually able to make space solidify?The heart flashed with horror, "Is this the true strength of the strong Douzong?Is it actually able to make space solidify?In my heart, there was a flash of horror, and the understanding of the powerful people of the Duan Sect was deeply rooted.

His eyes stared at the creamy white liquid in the groove, Xiao Yan's throat could not help rolling for a moment, and a touch of excitement sprang up on his face. It was clear to him that the long-recorded "earth core quenching milk" finally appeared in front of him.

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Point what, the pupil is a slight contraction, the body hurriedly moves a step to the left, just to block Liufei behind.

The sound, Xiao Yan this Panasonic tight heart, looking up at the glare of the explosion, frown frown, then fly close again.

Smoking children this, just as to gain ten strength to reach the six-star fighting spirit, do not need too much strength in general, weak people often say so, Hu Jia will certainly laugh at some, but look at the plain appearance of smoked children, really no doubt to produce a little doubt, a slight nod, turn his head immediately, the line of sight into the lower battlefield.


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Such a disdain in the heart, in front of that carrying the momentum of thunder attack before the shadow, but a little shaken up, to get to this moment.Bai Cheng just understood that he was really from the beginning is pondering Xiao Yan.

On his forehead, cold sweat dripped down, Xiao Yan touched his forehead in a daze, half-rang, and suddenly stared at Ziyan: "Little devil, do you want to kill me?"

The lotus seed made from seclusion in the earth's center is lucky for the boy. It's said that this kind of lotus seed, want to live in seclusion for at least a hundred years, Xiao Yan smiled and nobody knew him anyway.Even if he said it was a thousand years of fear of release, can only be stunned relative.

"When I made the elixir, you should not be far away from it. You should carefully observe my refining techniques. Although you can be greatly sought after with your current medicine refining skill, you can put it anywhere at will, but there is still a great gap between you and the real master of refining medicine."The old doctor said solemnly to Xiao Yan.

The reason why the battle circle here is able to attract dogs in most of the arena is because of the beauty and momentum of the young girls.

The black ruler split down angrily, finally carrying the fierce momentum without proper energy, cut and cut in front of a sound of bluestone, they touch each other, the sound of explosion suddenly ring, the hard bluestone contained in the ruler contains that strong force gas, the sound of "bang" is completely broken, countless small gravel everywhere burst out, only for a moment, there is a half-person tall bluestone, is only a small half of the ground bitter inlaid on the mountain.

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