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"Haha. Yes." He nodded. Nalan Jie suddenly turned to Nalan Yanran. He frowned and said, "That person from Yun Lanzong this morning. Did they urge you to go back?"

Nalan Jie and Mittel are sinking like water. Staring straight at the far northwest direction. There. It seems to be in the royal garden of the imperial capital. Very isolated on weekdays. Unexpectedly, two Dou Huangqiang suddenly appeared tonight.

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The young man who closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes, patted the cauldron with his palm, and the cauldron flew out.

"It seems that something is wrong?" On the VIP seat. Ya Fei stared at the alchemists who were almost all fools in the field. whispered.

The next day, the sky was blue and cloudless, the sun was warm but not fiery, and the occasional breeze blew away the hustle and bustle of the city, making people feel refreshed and refreshed.

The ferocious energy that suddenly exploded in the hall quickly attracted the attention of the surrounding. After looking at the fierce young man with these eyes. All were stunned. Immediately the sight of schadenfreude. Throwing it on Xiao Yan who was fighting against the young man. Obviously. They all recognized this young man who had a great reputation in the imperial capital.

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Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His eyes swept across the charming and charming face. Somewhat surprised. Do not know why. He is now Yafei. There seems to be something more than just now...and...and it's even more reluctant to look away...

"Black..." Hearing the old man's words, Xiao Yan couldn't help shaking his head and cursed in his heart. Just being a fourth-grade medicinal herb is even more rare than this peach blossom fire. Not to mention that he also requires a prescription with clear traces of the soul. You must know that every medicinal formula is written using the power of the soul. Every time you read it, the traces of the soul in it will become blurred. And basically a roll of prescriptions. As long as it is read more than five times, it will gradually become blurred. At this time, if you read it again, you have to use your own ability to figure out some vague places. so. It will undoubtedly waste a lot of time and energy.

"Hehe... Old man, I still have a long life... It's so easy... to fall." The old voice in the yellow light group said lightly, but the words were flat. But Xiao Yan and the others did not find it hard to hear a little heavy.

Before reaching a street in the Nalan family land, Xiao Yan separated from Hai Bodong. Only then did he slowly walk towards the huge mansion not far away.

"Mr. Yanxiao, congratulations." Walking forward, Liu Ling first bowed to Otto Frank and saluted, then turned to Xiao Yan and smiled.

"Ice mirror!" Looking at the white mist covered, Hai Bodong snorted softly, the mist quickly condensed, and finally turned into thin ice, covering the roof.

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