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Chapter 904 Alchemy of Heavenly Soul And Blood-melting Dan

Between evasive, Xiao Yan's vision is also sweeping around, after a moment, the eyes suddenly slightly a condensation, he now, it seems that all the magma fireball, in contact with the transparent cover below, all will be cataputed back, that seems to have no power transparent cover, it seems not as simple as it looks

The whole sky, in the fire lotus appear e! J when it is lost in strange quiet, so to the old fart's voice is clear, spread into each ear, that fear and awe in the hoarse voice, is also perceived by all people, at this moment, countless people are kind of absurd feeling, and a mysterious, dean of the adults of the same age of the strong, actually in the hands of ZSZSZSZ. He said such soft things.

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"Bewitching Dan? This medicine can actually make warcraft shape? I seem to recall that only shapeshifting Dan has this effect? And that's a silver bullet. "" Xiao Yan consternation way.

Looking at the front of this group filled with vibrant jade liquid, Xiao Yan is also relaxed breath. Slowly lift the finger with the white na ring, and when you bend your finger, the liquid will fly down and fall on the ring. Slowly encroaching,

The heavy ruler stopped dancing, xiao Ting wiped the sweat on his forehead, the momentum of several feet tall magma waves crashing down, but it was quite scary, it was forced to concentrate all the mind, otherwise once the hot magma flow poured on the body, I am afraid that the body will immediately become a barbecue.

Moreover, he did not completely gather together some of the medicinal materials needed for the refining of The Heavenly Soul Red Blood Dan. Moreover, the refining of the Dan medicine is not a one-time success, so Xiao Yan must prepare enough refining materials in advance, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of the lack of medicinal materials.

Around the day stone stage, there is from the stone carved out of the dense seat, at the moment "in these seats, is like the tide like pouring into countless black pressure of the head, this time hong home and Han home clash, attracted the eye of the whole north today.

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Yan's shoulder shook gently, and the gorgeous jade bone wing was slowly stretched and opened. Then the bone wing shook, and the faint thunder sounded in the dead magma world, and Xiao Yan's figure was turned into a vague figure, straight at the mouth of the deep cave, and swept away violently!

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Xiao Yan light spit one breath, a pair of glittering and translucent get rid of bone wing from the back stretch look, slightly a vibration, body shape is also quick float empty.

After the body away, mang erupted and dragged tired body back to my room, this bizarre war today, is not a fragment of his loss, but that was crazy swallowed a Dan medicine, and is suppressed by hundreds of parents riots in the body of the medicine, I'm afraid ZSZSZSZ anything at that time have to be that violent impact was in a coma for the past.

Chapter 867 The Place of Practice

Looking at the lightning-like gray and purple snake, the old devil also gave a cold moan. With a flick of his finger, the cold black air surged in front of him and turned into several sharp ice picks, which began to howl and shot hard at the two gray lines.

Turbulence in the body of the struggle, looked up to su Thousand mocking smile.

Iron, su mei, bird, pubic bone such as old shaw and complete the call for help, and looked at each other looked at each other, both from each other's eyes look out to see a bit difficult to conceal the terrors of "ZSZSZSZ fire lotus bucket, they saw is not the first time, he had with gamma empire, in YunLan, ZSZSZSZ also cast once, but the power of that than now, It is a lot of difference, obviously, the power of the fire lotus fighting skills, along with the promotion of Xiao Yan grade, and a leap like growth.

This strain of ganoderma just appeared, it is filled with a rich taste of blood, in this blood, but also faint can feel a very pure energy fluctuation.

When Xiao Yan breaks through the transparent light, he clearly feels a strange wave scanning from its body, and this wave in contact with the body of the falling heart inflammation, it is quickly quietly dispersed, and Xiao Yan's body, is also smooth into it.

Sound, but there are some banter.

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