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The team slowly into the city, the noise of boiling waves, immediately face on, so that in the desert for several days of Xiao Yan, for a time is actually some difficult to adapt.

After saying this, Luo Cheng turned his eyes to the two old men again and said with a smile, "These young people

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Desalted a lot, even, at a glance, is to be able to see the channel outside the kind of nihilistic black

Chapter 934 Thor comes


Before! Black cloud diffuses between, suddenly the silver awn of a stout arm rushes out from in black cloud, dazzling ray makes the heaven and earth that gets dark sink is one of bright.

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The door opened slowly, qiao face cold Han Xue slowly down, cold eyes staring at two old people, sneer: "DID not expect to catch me a little woman, actually can labor Hongmu, Honglie two elders, is really honored to ah."

The two dou Zong strong such a lightning like neptunium, but their own contains very dangerous, almost all recruit killer, and this can be fatal at any time of the heart-stopping offensive, but also make many students brave cold sweat.

After settling down in a hospital, Xiao Yan took a walk and got some news he needed smoothly.

"The Elder is wrong. It is a meteorite, but it is not a former one, or would the power have been so weak?" Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled.

"What are the particularly strong forces in Zhongzhou?" Xiao Yan nodded, hesitated for a moment and asked, walking in that area, it is also to know who should be offended, who should not be offended."

He must be stronger than Han. It is no wonder that..."

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