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"I know, Xiao Yan, as the old man said just now, and I'll know where I live."The little girl giggled and did not need to eat that kind of bad medicine in the future, which made her extremely excited. In her heart, Xiao Yan had been given the title of a big good man.

In front of you, Elder Hao is raising his hand. He is about to knock on the door. There is indeed a strong and intolerant sound coming from the door. Come in if you want to enter the door. Knock on any door, you like to do this pedantic trick. Just don't do it directly.

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"You don't think I'm taking advantage of you, I want to make it difficult for you to find.I'm afraid it should be very rare. If you exchange a pill for a medium-grade herb, you can't count it as a disadvantage.How's it going?"Seeing Xiao Yan's hesitation, Elder Hao seemed to know exactly what he was thinking." Hey hey laughed.

Xiao Yan quickly stretched out his palm on the wooden shelf, picked up a red grass shaped like a candle from above, and then handed it to the old medicine.

The black ruler split down angrily, finally carrying the fierce momentum without proper energy, cut and cut in front of a sound of bluestone, they touch each other, the sound of explosion suddenly ring, the hard bluestone contained in the ruler contains that strong force gas, the sound of "bang" is completely broken, countless small gravel everywhere burst out, only for a moment, there is a half-person tall bluestone, is only a small half of the ground bitter inlaid on the mountain.

A moment later, Xiao Yan smiled dry and said, "Little sister, it's not delicious. You'd better give it back to me."

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At the top of the mountain, a black figure flickers like thunder. The faint silver light appears at the foot of the figure. The big black ruler in his hand shakes off with the sound of the extremely oppressive wind.However, although the black ruler is extremely large, it is like a slender sword in the hand of the shadow. It wields it. There is no lack of flexibility and cunning in the bully.

His vision was to stay on Liu Qing's body. This guy gave him no less oppressive force than Lin Xiu Cliff and others.

What's useful for cultivation? My brother whispers the doctor. Xiao Yan whispers softly. What's the attribute of the Elder's cultivation skill?

This drop midway added "Earth center quenching body milk" has not been adjusted by other drugs, so the contained energy is to be more aggressive a lot, but at this time Xiaoyan has experienced the previous pulp-washing inside the body, and resulted in a lot of physical strength, so when the overbearing energy into the body, although faintly some tingling feeling, but compared with the previous burning pain, almost all can be directly ignored.

Sunjia and Wu Hao stared at Ziyan and the name of Snow Devil Ape. They had heard of it. Unexpectedly, this little girl dares to compete with this kind of monster?Even if you look at the inner court, I'm afraid we can't find a few people, right?


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