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"It's all right. It's just that the fire armor is too debilitating. Just take a break."Xiao Yan took out a gas-returning pill from the receiving ring, put it into his mouth, and shook his head with a smile.

In the dark forest, innumerable murderous figures flash in, just want to move toward the target quickly, forest shadow, is the flash of the flash of the dark shadow, the sharp blade flash between.With the subtle stuffiness and blood of cutting **.Sprinkle it out.

In general, in this first round draw is to meet Liu Qingnian, almost can say, completely lost into the top ten opportunities, the blue clothes Qingnian itself strength is not weak, the strong list ranking is also in the midstream position, but met almost half of the foot to fight the king of Liu rock, that win, several marriages can be ignored, for this point, not only off-site students clear, is blue dress Qingnian himself, also know, this game, afraid is less lose more.

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After accumulation for a long time, this time the leaping intensity of the heart is more violent than any other time before. Therefore, the energy shield with extremely strong defence force is actually in the initial collision between the two, only to persist for a moment, it is completely cracked.

"Is it self-inflicted again? I'll see how much blood you have to use."With a cold arc rising from the corner of the mouth, Xiao Yanzhou wants to completely kill Fan TB once again. Suddenly, a crisp energy shield burst sound, resounding in heaven and earth.

On the high platform, Lin Xiu Cliff, Liu Qingqi and other people are stunned looking at the field of clear fire armor giant, at this moment, even with their two strength, are feeling some thorny, that covered on the armor of the green fire, no doubt is a very terrible flame, although not personally contact, but they can still sense, if it is touched by this thing, I am afraid there will be a huge trouble since I can't contact with it, just display fighting attack words" afraid of this armor like turtle shell in general, it is also difficult to achieve much effect, this from just Bacheng cast so strong "blood eight cracks" did not make armor appear much damage is able to see, this thing, have stunning defense force.

"At the top of fourteen, all the others are powerful ones, what about it?That's enough?"Ziyan glanced at the men standing out and turned his head towards Xiao Yan.

One of the dangerous degree, most of the stand guards are not out of sight, this confrontation between, they can only see two swift cross, that is, a person jumps into the air, a moment later is falling to the ground, again form the situation.

Because be suspected contain sex * affection, be afraid to be crab, so some of the description about the female part of the preceding, potato is abridged or deleted, but does not affect the reading, thanks.)

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During the conversation, Su Qian looked at the invisible python that broke through the heaven-burning gas-refining tower so quickly. His face changed slightly. But then he shouted, "All elders obey orders, knot" and seal the array in thousands of layers!"

". ..little fellow, next, you will depend on yourself. I hope you can survive successfully. The life of our master and disciples is in your hands." The sound of the old medicine becomes weaker and weaker. After a moment, it finally disappears completely.

Xiao Yan split a glance at Huang Er smiling face, this... little Ni Zi, see more accurate than him, at least, he is unable to distinguish between these two guys in ten minutes.

Soon after the momentum of all the powerful people in the inner courtyard enveloped the city, suddenly a large number of figures came out of the grand manor in the center of the city. At last, a large number of figures came out of the floating sky by mistake. When a man wore a refined herbalist gown, the cold laughter spread in the sky like thunder under the mixture of fighting qi.

"Really quite troublesome...:" Behind the wing slowly vibration, Xiao Yan's body shape reduced a lot, cyan fighting Qi formed a light energy film on the body surface, black heavy ruler, is also completely covered by fighting qi, gaze closely at Yao Sheng in the field, light silver suddenly the legend of the struggle at its feet formed; Moments later, behind the wings of a violent shock, with the help of the wind.Three Thousand Thunder is almost at its extreme at this moment, even with the exception of a few people.Xiao Yan can only see a trembling body, the sky, is left behind a lingering shadow.

Eyes slowly raised, looking at opposite the same fighting Qi Liu Qing, suddenly, a low shout sounded in the scene, a faint thunder came out, a fuzzy black shadow, dragging a huge black ruler, with a straight forward ferocious momentum, in countless hot eyes, at Liu Qing standing still and still shot away!

"It's Xiao Yan and Bai Cheng?These two guys touch together again, "Hey hey, this can be a good play to see, heard last defeat in the hands of Ji Yan, Bai Cheng has been said because Xiaoyan took Longlidan's reason, now in this not allowed to take pills in the competition met, I wonder if he can return to the last defeat?"

"Ho ho, this Xiao Yan's means is really a dizzying sight. He lost Yao Sheng from Heishui. I'm afraid it's in terms of degree and will be suppressed by Xiao Yan.""Staring at nearly half the black water in the field, Lin Xiu-ya couldn't help laughing.

Feeling Xiao Yan's eyes shot, Su Qian glanced at the stage that do not know the dead or alive Bacheng, smiled and shook his head, so hit, even if the white road can pick a lucky life, Mo is also will leave an incurable wound, and for this, he also has nothing to say, after all, before Bai Cheng to Xiao Yan attack, almost a move fatal move, now there is such an end, it is a bit of blame for itself.

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