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After a lapse of three years, the most shining halo on the former youth seems to have finally returned.

The direct result of the disappearance of dou qi is to cause its strength to retreat continuously.

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"What's down there? If you don't want to tell the truth, I don't mind tying you up and hiding you somewhere while I go down and make my own rounds."

"You're leaving?" Smell speech, the small doctor fairy some hesitant ask a way.

Heart rang out a dull low drink, Xiao Yan's fist, in the two elders that some frightened eyes, ruthlessly with Xiao Ning to touch together.

The Galleys.

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"I really don't mind some useless looks, but why do you insult him? What right have you to insult him? And while he may not care about a piece of trash like you, I don't! No!" As the girl's tone suddenly turned cold, the golden flame spike on her fingers suddenly came out of her hand and finally turned into a golden lightning bolt, which punctured liu Mat's chest mercilessly. Suddenly, the blood hole quickly emerged.

But yun Zhiyu's long sword did not move at all. Her eyes moved slightly, but suddenly she caught sight of some red palm marks on Xiao Yan's face. Obviously, this was the place where the loud applause came from in the cave just now.

In the scene, Shawk, who was pale and pale, was suddenly a little depressed at this announcement. He looked at the boy in black shirt not far away with complicated eyes. A year ago, he was ridiculed as a waste, but a year later, he was once again above all the members of his family. Let de Shawk suddenly remembered the young clank in the hall that day: "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't bully the young poor!"

Looking at the Xiao Yan that is close at hand, xiao Mei's pretty little face just wants to show smile, but the action of teenager, let that wipe the smile that still did not emerge completely however stiffen in small face, look to appear some funny.

The loud shout made the entrance of the noisy town slightly silent, after a moment, everyone looked at each other for a while, self-confessed to meet the conditions of the mercenary, immediately rushed to the middle-aged man dressed in Wan Yao Zhai.

"Iron Mountain!" A violent drink, Xiao Ning fist fierce clench, a sharp broken wind strength, in mid-air low ring, immediately fell to Xiao Yan shoulder, see this posture, if hit, I'm afraid Xiao Yan's arm, must be hit hard, it seems that this guy from the beginning did not leave the hand of the plan.

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