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"Warcraft promotion requires a huge amount of energy, so generally the warcraft to be promoted will look for all kinds of raw materials and treasures in advance. But this girl has eaten countless treasures for so many years, and now she is only promoted. It seems that the energy she needs for the promotion is really huge. I really don't know what its essence is."Medusa's tone was also surprised that she saw for the first time that she needed so much energy to ascend the ranks. Generally speaking, the stronger the energy required for the advancement, the more powerful the beast became, but Ziyan did."There seems to be a bit too much to be needed.

Xiao Yan injured, that Mulan two old men are also the same glass lotus heart fire blow fists on the fresh blood dripping, obviously, this hard contact, both sides are injured.

Looking at Lin Yan's smiling face, Xiao Yan hesitated and nodded. "I won't exaggerate," she said. "I don't want to exaggerate. I don't worry about your strength," she said. "And you're useless at the gate. You can follow me."

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"Ho ho! Brother Liu, please tell Master Gu River that Xiao Yan wants to see you.Xiao Yan


"" Three Elders, don't talk about the things that happened in those years. We all share the same blood. In the future, revenge and rejuvenation of Xiao's family will be our goal. ""Rub your nose," said Xiao Yan softly

"Let's go with them. With colorful scales, Ziyan won't go awry."Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes swept through a dozen tigers and eagles in the rear." Nothing unexpected happened, said Xiao Yan.

Seize Ziyan's arm, Xiao Yan pierce into his body with a trace of fighting qi. After searching for a circle, he didn't find any trace of poisonous gas. Now his face is slightly heavy. Unexpectedly, the detoxification pill refined by himself has no effect on the poison gas.

Looking at Xiao Li's surprised look, Xiao Yan smiled, but suddenly his eyes moved to the three figures behind Xiao Li, with a slight pick on his brow. He could sense that the three men were even the second best of the king's steps.

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Xiao Yan's soul, out of-dull murmur voice, and just in its voice just down the moment, the space in front of the sudden vibration, that is, the space like a broken mirror crack open, a horrible even space can not bear the soul force, with strange gloomy, suddenly burst to come, only a contact, is Xiao Yan this piece of soul remnant, shock into nothingness!

Not only ordinary people below, even some places of Haibodong and even some places of Emperor, who have been paying attention to this place, look at this mysterious person's behavior, but also a slight change of face, in the previous horror of this person showed, to avoid the four of this attack is obviously not difficult, but also choose hard connection, as such, if not have absolute confidence, then is a fool...

"Well, I hope Yun Lanzong will let me pass the Naran Family for the sake of her beauty in the future."Naram smiled bitterly, saying to himself," but then I fear that the dignity of the Naran family will be completely wiped out.

"This breath" in the sky, dancing slightly a daze, then suddenly eyes are empty.

And in such busy, naturally also did not have time to follow Xiao Yan side, so, used to that kind of life Xiao Yan is a little uncomfortable up, as if from the inner courtyard of Canaan College, Medusa has been following in their own side, but at first she is holding the heart of murderous, but over time, Xiao Yan can feel, her heart of the killing is also gradually diminished, now, I am afraid no longer.

Xiao Yan sighed with a sigh. She looked at the dead and silent wall and bit her teeth. "It's better to stop her," she said. "The other Mulan Three Old Men have been reduced. I'll deal with the goose!"

"I'm sorry."" Looking at Xiao Yan's ferocious rage on her face, Yun Yun Bei's teeth clenched on her red lips and shook her head slowly. She knew that such a move hurt Xiao Yan a lot, but she was the leader of Yun Lanzong. The idea that she had been indoctrinated when she was a child made it impossible for her to abandon it.

Perhaps, as Ling Ying had predicted, Xuner's deep heart, will have a shadow forever, this shadow, even the cleric's majesty, but also can't erase the eleven eleven clearly in the tone of the urgency, Ling Ying heart is also sighing, a few years ago, she still only heard Xiao Yan's things, just like the ordinary girl, ordinary that motionless plain, but like those who have cultivated for many years like the old evil spirit, enigma is achieved, but few young girls should have lively.

As soon as Xiao Yan's voice fell, the hundreds of black shadows standing like wooden piles on the hillside were flying in unison, falling on the vast backs of tiger, eagles and beasts crawling on the ground. The three strong men of the three sects, such as the Yin Sect of the Western Heaven, flashed back again to the flying beasts circling in the middle of the sky.

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