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"Hey, let's talk about it. It seems that the three-year appointment between you and the little guy from the Xiao family is less than half a month away, right?" With a smile, the smile on Nalansu's face suddenly converged, and he sighed. road.

"Forget it, don't worry about it, let's announce the test results first." Otto reminded Xiao Yan when he saw Xiao Yan's calm expression while stroking his gray beard.

"Be careful, he's a one-star fighter..."

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With the investment of the three medicine pills, all of a sudden, countless eyes were directed to this most eye-catching position. Everyone wanted to know that these three players were obviously seed-level players. The prepared medicinal pills will be even more prosperous...

Followed Ya Fei all the way up a few floors, and finally stopped in front of a gate, looking at her familiar appearance, it was obvious that this was where she often came.

However, by chance, after hearing the words of the conference, Xiao Yan finally remembered the invitation from Master Otto, the branch president of the Alchemist Guild, in Black Rock City.

Take a few steps up the stairs. Xiao Yan stopped beside the testing machine and took out the jade bottle containing the powder extracted from the iron wood spirit leaves from the ring. Then in the speechless eyes of Chemir and others. Randomly dropped into the groove.

"Even Master Ling's deeds were discovered by that person?" Yan. A look of surprise flashed across Er Ming's eyes. He murmured softly: "What is that person's identity? Actually even Master Ling... sigh. If it wasn't because Brother Xiao Yan hated others to investigate him. We must find out the identity of that mysterious person. To be able to have such strength, I must have done it before. You're not an unknown person, are you?"

The bamboo hat disappeared, and the immature face hidden under it suddenly appeared under the gaze of countless eyes. At the moment, in the auditorium and the VIP seats, there was a sound of air-conditioning, no one expected that this The person who achieved the best result in the first round was actually such a young boy...

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Bar? "Nalan Jie pondered.

"Nalan Yanran came to me earlier because she wanted our Mittel auction house to help promote it and see if we could find an alchemist with a different fire."

Xiao Yan, who was on his way with all his strength, heard Hai Bodong's words, and shook his head with a wry smile in his heart, secretly said: "From here to the imperial capital, it is a journey of several thousand miles. I can hold on, but now Yao Lao is asleep, with my six-star Dou Shi’s strength, how can I persist without stopping? At that time, if I am not careful, I am afraid that some flaws will inevitably be seen.\///”

Hearing this cold snort, the icy cold on Ya Fei's pretty face became more and more intense. She rested her hands on the table and looked coldly at the man from the door. , Behind him, there was the pale young man and several guards. At this time, the young man was slashing Xiao Yan who was sitting on the chair with a malicious gaze.

In the crowd. A woman in a gorgeous red robe. He walked gracefully into the hall. A slight smile on her pretty face. With a touch of enchanting. Plump and mature body. Just like a ripe peach. Let some men in the hall. The lower part of the body has a faint tendency to look up. present. In the hall, there are some people with embarrassed faces. Carefully contract the abdomen.

However, Nalan Yanran also knew that this young man named Yan Xiao was in front of him. Although proud. But he did possess that kind of capital, and at such an age, he was able to control the terrifying fire that even the Douhuang strongmen were terrified of. It was enough to make him proud of his peers, so even Nalan Yanran had to feel a little bit of admiration at the same time.


A person who has always been called a genius, suddenly met a peer who could far surpass him one day. In this polar situation of double heaven, he would always find many excuses to show that, I don't compare the variance myself.

Pushing open the door, a spacious room was revealed. There were neatly erected bookshelves in the room. The bookshelves were filled with all kinds of thick books. Yafei passed through the bookshelves, and finally came to a desk and turned around. He came, looked at Xiao Yan and the two with a smile, pointed to the seat beside him, and said with a smile, "Sit down, can you talk now, what's the matter?"

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