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"Want to go?"

Yao in the road consciousness above, so that he, slowly opened his eyes.

The surprise in his eyes slowly convergent, Han Feng took a deep breath, the ferocity on his face is also slowly dissipated, at this moment... he seems to return to that black corner region medicine emperor's magnanimity again, staring darkly before the face of the smile of the black robe Qing Nian, said: "In this case, I can only capture you, ha ha, you rest assured, I have a lot of means, when you won't be angry you don't hand over the" Incineration "and, I will even your body of lotus heart fire together to take away, so that you completely become an invalid."

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After hearing this from the elder, the elder did not speak any more. He nodded, and then stepped back.

With Su Qian's appearance, the Temple of the United States Du is stopped, also ignored his question, cold eyes to look at Xiao Yan, tone cold: "You do to me those things, only your life can compensate, this is the last time!Next time, I'm sure I won't stay here again!"

"You've got flying skills. His dark water world doesn't do much to you."Lin Xiu-ya glanced at Xiao Yan's back without a trace of glances."

But his elegant smile did not seem to hurt the girl in front of him, who sat gracefully in his chair, her eyelashes, and his eyes never stopped on the former.

It was only when the consciousness of chaos approached the light of light and light that it could only be seen.

Su Qian drew a bamboo stick from a bamboo tube in front of him and glanced at it. "No.7," he said faintly."

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I don't know how long it lasted, maybe two days, one week, half a month or a few months in this world where there is no time to think about.

With the green flame completely poured into the "Naling", Xiao Yan just completely relieved a breath, this second kind of fire, was finally successfully refined by him!

With such a block from Fan Biao, the two powerful fighting kings were finally close to the fierce, vigorous fighting, suddenly burst out, look at this momentum,; the two men were obviously directly fighting firewood under the killer captured the latter.

"Xiao Yan was a bit of a devil, and Yan took a sigh and looked at Lin Xiu Cliff and others beside him.

In the sound of a low explosion, the air waves of contemptuous ripples spread rapidly, shaking the space is slightly turbulent.

In the face of Xiao Yan's sudden terror fighting skill, Liu Qingqi still shows his position with actions. Moreover, he also understands that even if Xiao Yan really controls the ground level fighting skill, it will never be possible to use its 100% power, and his last card is run-in for many years. With the help of homologous fighting, Liu Qing is confident that he can absolutely reach the true peak of metaphysical fighting skill. Even if he wants to collide with the ground level fighting skill, he is not timid at all. On the contrary, this also aroused his blood. Today, he is inclined to let everyone know that the dark stage fighting skill faces the ground level fighting skill, but also has one piece of power!

It's really bad luck for Fan tuberculosis. His blood sea offensive is his famous move called by roaring black corners. Once deployed, he can hide his body. In addition, he can greatly increase whether it is calm recovery or others. In those years, many strong people were forced to retreat in the face of the sea of blood. But now the blood sea met Xiao Yan who controlled the fire, but it was like a mouse saw a cat. There was no resistance. Although Fan tuberculosis was also a strong fighter, but in Xiao Yan's hands, the fighting power he could use was probably similar to that of a common fighter. It must be said that one thing is the same thing.


Xiao Yan looked at the place, the name dressed in the blood robe of the man's body suddenly trembled, then his face rose red, finally the flames from the body burst out, in a low muffled sound, the whole person eerily turned into a pile of ashes.

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