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Smog nodded. "You're short of herbs?" he asked.Recently, our Panmen Medicine Gathering Team has been established, and has entered the mountain for several times. The harvest is not small. Maybe there is something you need."

In the absence of Xiao Yan, that huge pure energy is actively flooding into the meridians, if it is pretending to be before, this huge energy influx, meridians will produce a feeling of pain, and now, the influx of energy, meridians is an urgent capricious expansion and contraction, a huge share of energy into the full number, so that Xiao Yan did not feel half of the pain.

"Although Big Brother was seriously wounded, but fortunately, he saved a life with the help of the old man. He seems to have a very high position in the Mitel family. Therefore, the remaining Xiao family members, even under their secret protection, were transferred to the hangings of Yunlanzong. I came to the Canan College where I rode the flying beast, which was also borrowed by the Myrtle Family. Otherwise, depending on our present financial strength, I would have to go on foot to Canan College."

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"But it wasn't until later, when Master Xiao Yan had left Wutan, Miss should have gone back. But after three years of delay, discontent among the clan grew.After all, miss, your importance to the family.But it's not something other young lady can compare with."Ling Ying whispered:" So this time, the head of the clan gave the order to die. One month later, if you don't go back, perhaps someone from the clan will come back in person. Miss, I'm afraid you don't want to let the young master Xiao Yan come into contact with the clan?You also know that at this time Xiao Yan Young Master's strength, there is no spot to make the family face the qualification."

As a result of the aggressive package, so the jade piece is also become quite sharp, just a light touch, the tip of the jade piece is in the subtle popping sound, into the crystal-like clock milk.

"Thank you very much."Gently patted Lin Yan on the shoulder, Xiao Yan for his move naturally understood, the moment thanked the light smile.


In a quiet atmosphere, Xiao Yan in the field covered his mouth and coughed violently several times, the previous fierce fighting.It is also let him consume greatly.In addition to the use of Tianhuanxuan and swallow "Longli Dan" reasons, so when the nervous tension relaxed down, the whole body is in a sense of fatigue.The silence was broken by the fiery cough.Then came the thunderclap of a sudden burst of joy.At this moment the members of the Rock's door hissed with laughter, a loud roar.Gather together and go up into the sky."Howl!Head, that's great!"Head, you are the strongest!Oh!"

Ling coldly looked at Xiao Yan, then close to Zhejiang, feeling that to go to the very high atmosphere, Bai Cheng tightly seized the palm of the color gun, a little tight, eyes staring at Xiao's pace, as the latter stepped into the whole body of the ten plum range to drive away the banquet that, a low drink in vain white Cheng Cheng mouth ring, Xiong translated deep poison color fighting qi like thick sulphonaceous water flow, from the specific overheard insects.

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Well, now you know that these are useless. When you get to that stage in the future, you should know naturally that "The old man waved the medicine and put the" Black Devil "medicine tripod on the ground into the black ring. Then the ring was thrown, and it was put on Xiao Yan's finger exactly.

"That being the case, we can both take what we need, but only if we get rid of those thoughts.It's no wonder who can swallow a python with Xiao Yan around, let alone even if it recognizes Xiaoyan as the main thing, you can't do anything.No one else can change."The old doctor smiled.Tao "If you can discard the heart kill.I can assure you that within one year, I will put the finished Melting Soul Pill in front of you. But, as a return, after you get the pill, you will protect my disciple from life for one year. How about it?"

Medicine contained in the strong energy, even if Xiao Yan early expected will not be weak, but today's real personal experience, but still feel shocked secretly, worthy of the need to condense so long years before the formation of heaven and earth spirit, this or through other drugs to reconcile the premise, if it is direct invasion of words, how to die do not know.

With the withdrawal of Xun Er, for a moment, the atmosphere in the field became quite strange, Liu lifted aside, Liu Fei covered her face and cheeks and kept crying in a low voice. Several people beside him hurried to comfort her, Liu Fei

"Second brother, what's wrong?Where's Big Brother? "

Xiao Yan smiled. He also knew that the reason why the elders treated him so politely was mostly because it could make five-grade pills. After all, as a refining herbalist, he knew how attractive the five-grade pills were to the elders at the rank of King Doug.

This drop of "earth center quench body milk" to Xiao Yan brought extremely considerable energy, but the energy required by the rank, terrible even can be called eerie, want to step out of this barrier, the energy required is even like the total energy of all levels in this order, therefore, even if this drop of "earth center quenching body milk" contained energy is very powerful, but after one hour of crazy absorption, wooden plate is originally like emerald like liquid medicine, unexpectedly is started to become light again.

In the darkness of the night, a dark shadow suddenly crept by, and a pair of great wings vibrated slightly, bringing a slight air flow.And its shape, this is by the tiny air flow.A twinkle in the night sky, without shaking anything...

Xiao Yan in this moment show terror degree, so that Bai Cheng eye pupil suddenly contracted, head reflex back, fists with hot air inserted from the face, burning pain.

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