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"It's natural to be there."

Chapter 522 Return to Hospital

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"This time really is to play iron board, perhaps this' strong list 'ranking, will be a man."The corner of Yan Hao's mouth flickered, laughing with pleasure.

However, although the snow demon sky ape degree is extremely fast, but swallow the sky busy more quickly, the former has not yet reached the anti-inflammation before the face, then saw before the seven-colored halo, a huge tail with rich colorful light, hard fall from the sky, finally hit the snow demon sky ape body heavily, huge strength.Suddenly burst out.if you hit that former on the mountain wall,

Xiao Yan just came out of the forest when the faint old voice sounded above the heads of all the people: "If you want to leave the inner courtyard, you must get a letter from an elder. Why do you want to come to such a large group of people?"

Brown light in the dark pupil of the sudden enlargement, Xiao Yan is not a bit of retreat, the body of abundant power now urgently need to vent, therefore, facing the fierce attack of Bai Cheng, Xiao Yan did not hesitate, the big palm of the Pu fan, is tightly clenched into a fist, against the brown light, heavy hit the past.

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"Well, it's hard for you to come back this time in a few days."Smiling toward the two nodded, Xiao Yan opened the door, the glare of the sun made her eyes squint up, whirling smile, high out.

Step back again two steps, is to stabilize the body shape, Bai Cheng face a white is to return to normal.Looking up at Xiao Yan, he said with a sneer: "The brute force is good, but don't you know that the earth-series armor has the strongest defense?This battle, I may be difficult to win, but you want to defeat me, even with the "Longlidan", it is impossible!"

He bitten his teeth severely. His palm was holding the gun tightly. His eyes stared at Xiao Yan. His eyes passed a chill. He knew what this battle represented for him. If he lost unfortunately, he would be replaced by Xiao Yan on the "Strong List" immediately, and accompanied by "White Gang: 16xs."net "is also a great decline in prestige, leading to a drop in the inner court position, so, no matter how much Xiao Yan in front of how many entanglements, today he must do whatever means to defeat it!

"Is that so?Then I'll show you.How do I break your turtle shell ", eyes with a touch of cynical coldness, under the full view of the public.Xiao Yan footstep, the body again appeared in front of Bai Cheng, five fingers clenched, fists closed to the abdomen.Moments later, Xiao Yan mouth angle enlarged under a touch of cold smile, suddenly burst out.


In the room, Elder He saw Xiao Yan out, quickly stood up, some hesitant asked: How is the refined??Did you succeed?"He knew something about alchemy, so he knew how high the failure rate would be to make five pills.

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