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See that piece because of joy and appear some charming pretty face, Xiao Yan had to nod, the heart is once again a wry smile, human feelings this thing - heavy mountain ah...

Just before the black ice clock shot off, a very corrosive mauve air also swept in, and immediately collided with it fiercely, annihilating it in a snort of sound.

For his such words, su qian with small d fairy nature is knot would not listen, they looked at each other, all is 4 a sigh gently, two majestic momentum, sudden storm surge, and feel so forceful momentum oppression, Xiao Ting behind some to support the strong, tight heart this just a little bit loose crossing, dou ZongJie other strong, no matter where, Also can give a person the existence of great security.

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Han Feng laughter just fell, the square around the wall, suddenly burst bursts of black fog, black fog curl and open, immediately dozens of body enveloped in the black fog of the figure, appeared in the people under the gaze.

Xiao Yan eyes closely watching this drop of green red blood, a moment later, a bullet, blood flying out of light, finally fell into the medicine tripod.

Xiao Yu nodded slightly, today E! I She is still a set of professional tutor clothes, although this kind of dress is slightly loose, can be worn on the slender xiao Yu body, but it is particularly matching, if there is a charming temperament, so that many male students around are quietly turned to shoot.

"Yue is the final devouring of the four soul bodies, and the evil ghost kwong will also appear... I'll fight with the little doctor. I can't sit still." Feeling from the sky in the dark pressure of the clouds scattered under the sense of pressure, Su Qian wrinkled, road.

In all the teeth insist, xin Blue that surprise voice, is like a dose of invigorating sound, Xiao Yan looked up, as expected is to see the dark place far away, suddenly appeared a silver aperture, there, is the space wormhole exit! "Bang!"


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The words of the Fire Lord have just fallen. An information is poured into xiao Yan's brain, immediately by its quick reception.

But although vaguely know this old man's sense of superiority from where, but with Xiao Yan's temper, nature is not automatically to gather together what relationship, a five product refining pharmacist just, "in The Han home is a treasure, but in his eyes, but just plain ordinary.

Scan a take, Xiao Yan could not help eyes xu some doubts, here is not the slightest surprise, is that inexplicable call, is not scattered from here?

"This girl's strange ability can be really amazing, not only natural power, but also the rare medicine between heaven and earth has a special induction, now also immune to these energy seals. Looking at the purple grind effortlessly is to take out the four wooden box, Su Qian can not help but shake his head, tone, quite surprised.

"Thank you Han chong eldest brother to save, xiao Yan next." Smell speech, Xiao Yan is also very grateful

Between xiao Yan headache, that distant purple grind, pupil flashes once again a purple awn, soon form a move, it is to stone stage flash sweep and go, immediately the petite body directly through that space blockade, appeared on stone stage. "Girl, I don't have time to help you make Dan pills. See purple grind broke in, Xiao Yan waved, helpless way.

Did not think that was judged to have no big effect of warcraft mummies, was actually Xiao Yan played out such a horrible effect, so it seems that this deal, Mo day line is really lost to grandma's home,"

In that from behind if if no murder of dahurian rose fruit, gold and silver forehead above penetrating out of the close of the cold sweat, and your body almost even is not IQ, IQ they clear sense, ZSZSZSZ palms, are swirling around a dark, as long as the the strength a spit, no defense to them, I'm afraid I have to be killed on the spot!

It seems to be aware of footsteps, the figure in the quilt shivered slightly, and then a pair of gray purple eyes full of pain were transmitted from it. Looking at the young man in the black robe who went to the bed side, there was a hint of bitterness in his gentle voice: "The poison of hardship seems to explode in advance."

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