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"Ha ha! The Xiao Family is finally saved. Go to the Elder Three Peak and get out!"

Haibodong licked his mouth and stared at Xiao Yan. "The old fellow of Yunshan wants to hold a wedding in Yunlan Zong."

And with the laughter fell, a bright golden light suddenly from the army into the sky, whirling the sky, people a glance, but saw a man's fist in gold floating sky, behind it, there is a pair of unusually large golden goose wings, flashing gold, like God in general.

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And now Xiao Yan has merged two kinds of fire, afraid should have the ability to refine the body containing the soul for medicine, once the medicine old soul has a place to bend, then the strength will also be able to return to the peak period, that will be in the eyes of the fighter strong eyes, a douzong cloud mountain, it is not serious.


Strange turquoise cuticle will quickly Xiaoyan fingerprint package, instantly, like a fingerprint with the size of the green crystal photo print suddenly burst out!

With this pair of eyes open, a silent for nearly a year of majestic breath, is finally like the recovery of the male teacher, slowly raised his head, facing the sky, out of the roar shaking the world.

"This big fellow is so big, but he doesn't expect to be so timid.\ & "Ziyan laughed at the sight of the Dang Haijiao beast, which seemed a little timid.

Tear open the red curtain of cloud, bright eyes slightly down, eyes flashing, but never look into the sky, and in her bow, the familiar voice in the sky that she will not forget, but again with a cold smile sounded.

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On the city wall, there were some anxious Yan Cheng and other people, who looked at the black-robed young men who showed their faces. They were all stunned. The feathers beside them were stunned, murmured, and it was him."

Is a violent shudder, then, in the three old Mulan slightly changed face, two and Xiao Yan foreign trade exactly the same silver light shadow, from its body split out.

"It doesn't matter to me to see the royal family's mysterious sea beast.

Xiao Yan sits on a piece of bluestone, which obviously contains some jade. Sitting on the bottom shows a little coolness. It has certain benefits for refreshing people.

On the day of inflicting punishment, the face of the other people is not much better. In the face of the mysterious leader of poison clan, even Medusa can hardly win. Moreover, the strange poison skill is beyond prevention. With her appearance, today's crisis, I'm afraid she will explode again.

The eyes under the cloak just looked straight at Xiao Yan's face. After a moment, the eyes closed slowly, and the shape of his body was slowly backward.

But in Xiao Yan idle, but one day Lin Tan is a smile looking for the door, then drag it out of the door, take to the inner courtyard is always in the noisy arena.

"Mr. Xiao Yan, please don't do anything first, and let me persuade this girl!"When she was jumping, Nalan Jie suddenly saw--Xiao Yan's slowly darkened face, and said hurriedly at once.

Xiao Li's cold eyes looked at the three people singing a song and harmony. Behind him, there were hundreds of men in black. The bloody smell on the body was not weaker than those in the other side. "I knew he was a fierce man with rich fighting skills. The other side didn't start immediately after he came here. I'm afraid it's because these black-clothed people here are not weak. Otherwise, with their nature, they would have done it directly, and they would still chatter here.

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