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"Brother Xiao Li, am I... how are my parents?"Xiao Yu suddenly began to sound, with a trembling voice in her voice.

At this time in the hall, Xun Er, Xun Jia, Wu Hao three are in, today Wu Hao did not rush to the arena, for this guy to fight fanaticism, even Xiao Yan and other people are some feel silent.

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See that colorful light still bright, Xiao Yan this just gave a breath, double wings extreme vibration, body shape turns black shadow, in the night quietly shuttle and pass, after a while, body shape already appeared in the valley mouth half the air, look at the battlefield outside a look can't help but a little tongue.

At this time, beside the mountain stream, a huge griffin beast was flapping its wings, on which there were two masters.

Xiao Yan struggled hard, but the surrounding space did not understand, just in its helpless give up, a familiar strong soul wave finally from the black ring of the finger came out, and under this soul fluctuation, surrounding the prison do solidification space, burst, Xiao Yan's body, is also this moment to regain freedom.

"It will be the best chance for us to seize when there is an uprising in the fall of the heart, but we must never miss it, otherwise we will want to rob it again in the future.I am afraid it will be ten times more troublesome, so her elixir must be refined as soon as possible."

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But in spite of her words, Queen Medusa slowly withdrew her steps forward, and in front of her unreal old man, she felt no weaker than the clouds at the beginning, if she had reached her peak.It is not afraid, but at this time this body, but must always send out the mind spirit to suppress the sky python's soul.In this way, distraction.Strength has been reduced somewhat.

At the exit of the inner courtyard mirror, several shadows flashed out to see its appearance.Suddenly is Xiao Yan, smoked children and other people, followed by that curious Lin Yan.

"Give me the prescription of Melting Soul Pill!"Queen Medusa bit her silver teeth.A cold track.

In the cave, looking at the sudden whirling liquid medicine in the wooden tray, the drug elder's eyes flashed astonished. With his ability, naturally, he could clearly sense the strong suction from Xiao Yan's body. Now murmured, "Little fellow, do you want to break through the great fighting master?"It's a good opportunity to take advantage of this momentum, but the energy required is enormous. "

Of course, three mysterious changes can make people's strength go up, but there is a time limit, once that time limit passes, Xiao Yan's strength will drop greatly, and then, I'm afraid the situation will be even worse, now Bai Cheng took the lead in the use of pills, but also let Xiao Yan more way, originally he intended to hold the words again, cast "Buddha anger lotus" and other decisive offensive, but in this full view, Xiao Yan is not very want to put one of his cards exposed, although he has a very aggressive fire lotus fight matter, there are many people know, but many people are only famous but never personally seen, this arena too many strong, a lot of vicious people, these cards.If it can be used as little as possible, it is the best of course, perhaps in the future with the real opponent, but also can play some unexpected effects.

At this time, the little girl in white, looking forward to the door of Xiao Yan, black eyes full of salivation.

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