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Xiao Yan nodded slightly and glanced at the iron dharma of the delicate trembling soul. "I hope what you say is true," she said. "Otherwise, if you can't find this place, I'm afraid your fate won't be better.""You still want me to be imprisoned?"When he heard this, the Iron Dharma changed his face and roared angrily.

Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two million scorpion gate

"Nothing."Old White, known as Yan Lao, had a slight twinkling of his eyes, even though he did not say anything.But the palace dress woman also seems to feel what.Thinking eyes turn to Xiao Yan, the smile on the cheek is more moving.

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Chapter 788 Evil Flame Valley

"Is that so?"The iron dharma also gave a cold smile. Then the voice was cold to Bi Yan of Scorpio and said," Hold her first. When I count the soul of the strong poison clan, I will accept her again! "As soon as the words fell, the iron dharma's palm moved violently, and the two black chains circling around him suddenly shot out. In an instant, it would cut through the sky. That degree was dazzling.

Smell words, Xiaoyu eyes move, but it is a smooth pick-up, at the yellow robe old man smile, said thank you, then is with the small medical immortals two, slowly walked into the purple door."

"You.Also be careful, if you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, let me know, no matter where you are, I will hurry to go."Medusa's teeth gnawed her lips and her voice was extremely low, and it was extremely rare for this serpent queen to kill without blinking his eyes.

Behind Scorpion Mountain, there are five old men, Xiao Yan's eyes stayed on them for a while, because these five, also fighting emperor strength, but there are three of them, seems to have just broken through to the emperor soon, so some internal fighting some overflow, and more behind a doer, is ten thousand Scorpio door fighting strong, rough count go, I am afraid there are at least dozens, such a line-up here, it really is quite some deterrent force.

Those ten great men, saw Xiao Yan such a move, first a daze, spin is also a wild laugh up, but just when their laughter has just dropped, dozens of people's bodies suddenly strange solidification, whirl ~ 1...

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"Hey, you're too early to be happy. I've practiced for so many years, but I don't believe that even a young man like you won't get ten."Scorpio Bi Yan laughed angrily, then his crutch stamped hard into the void and tore his robe open.

By hearing this, the Scorpio Bi Yan's face changed slightly. But he bit his teeth. "Please put the Iron Dharma," he said with a smile. "I'll give you all you need."

Two faint white mist, like a long snake like a long snake, curled between his noses along with Xiao Yan's breath. Finally, in its inhaling room, light and light into the body, and finally after a lot of refining, it adds a tiny bit to the powerful fighting qi in his body again...

Being able to be used by Heihuangzong to settle down these powerful people from the Black Corner and many powerful leaders, the Black Emperor Pavilion naturally is extremely luxurious, when Xiaoyan three people entered the spacious and incomparable gate, looking at the square-like hall inside, suddenly in the heart of the praise, this Heihuangzong, hand is really not small.

"Well, when I returned to the Izumo Empire, the person from the Soul Palace came to me again, but Yuncian seemed to be a little angry that I didn't wait for you to catch me. After arguing for a few words, Just left, this time I paid more attention, and gradually discovered the whereabouts of this person, Xiaoyi Xian nodded and said slowly.

The black ball of energy floats in front of it, the color above the surface is so dark that at a glance, it almost feels like the mind is being sucked into it, making people sweat with fear of this strange black ball.

Hesitated for a moment, the old Yan slowly stretched out his hand over the jade bottle, and then poured out one of the pills, glance swept, but a slight frown on his brow.

Brothers, please hold on together with the fight!

Even some of the fighting emperors strong, feel that breath when, the face is also become extremely ugly up, because they now, the majestic degree of this breath, far better than them, even, almost all is able to compare with small medical immortals and Scorpio Bi Yan, and this time, such a heavyweight strong person, enough to reverse the battle of the distant sky J1, two crisscross shadow suddenly stopped, small medical fairy and Bi Yan's battle, also appeared at this moment a little reprieve, through the previous fierce fierce battle, two people breath is a little bit ups and downs, terrible fighting around the body, will the space shaking constantly shaking.

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