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Mushe, who had never encountered this kind of situation, not only felt flustered at the moment, but also became slow. Obviously, he, who was used to the quick operation of fighting spirit, did not adapt to this sudden change.

As two dark shadows one far one near the rush, two people are gradually away from the camp more and more far.

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Nod your head slightly. Xiao Yan finger lifted. A pale green card containing five thousand gold coins appeared in the hand. Pass it to the clerk. And then put the yellow lotus into the ring. Immediately. I heaved a great sigh of relief.

Eyes through the edge of the cloak, looking at the side of the mask in a tight red dress white feet, ZSZSZSZ some helpless, this elegant princess to be m, an auctioneer to auction table, nature is not fuel-efficient lights, all say femme fatale, u thant the city people do not know what a few peep at her beauty, but to this day, but never heard of who really achieve the purpose, Though temir's auction house was partly to blame, no one dared think that this woman was nothing but a pretty vase.


Again into a coagulation plant, Xiao Yan face solemn, soul perception firmly compressed the temperature of the flame, eyes through the ice mirror, dead staring at the coagulation plant suspended on the flame.

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With weekday in a few sisters each other laughing, xiao Mei's line of sight, suddenly through the crowd around, stopped at the crowd outside that lonely figure...

Once again with the side of the Auba pa perfunctory said a few words, Xiao Zhan mobile vision suddenly a coagulation, footsteps.

"Not even the teacher?" Smell speech, Xiao Yan small face immediately pulled down, depressed unceasingly, did not specifically wield the fight skill of counterthrust, light rely on oneself with fight spirit urge, is undoubtedly a kind of gain outweighs the loss of action.

Suffered a heavy blow again, originally pale gan Mu, but also become a lot of pale. Blood gushed out of his body like a rolling gourd. On the ground even rolled more than ten meters, extremely embarrassed.

"Even weirder than the celestial steps?"

"Hey hey. Inside information, the boy named Xiao Yan. Nearly twenty wolfheads have been killed already."

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