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The energy of heaven and earth is poured into the body of the youth, and the latter body is like a bottomless hole filled with discontentment, no matter how the energy infuses, but never overflows out of sight.

"What?Xiao Yan turned round in doubt.

Smell words, one side of Liu Fei pretty face suddenly an urgent.He was about to stand up and shout, but Liu Qing's face sank and shouted, "Sit down and watch a match, and yell like?"

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"Do you have my brother's position?"

Looking at the whispering Xiao Tuo, Su Qian was also slightly stunned. He knew that the former was not just nodding his head. "I believe it's not surprising that someone who can turn Yunlan out of the world by himself," he said with a smile."

The dazzling bright light from the sky, in the heaven and earth energy rage, the dark red and golden energy mass, finally is unable to bear the energy movement, suddenly a thunder-like explosion, carrying a terrible storm, swept out from mid-air, storm, space vibration!

"Hey, even if the man had gone, you couldn't do anything good, and I don't believe you could stop all four of us in one man."Medusa's departure was also quite disappointing, but immediately his face filled with a thick, insidious smile.

Even some powerful people who only know about stuffy cultivation have little fighting skills besides vigorous fighting spirit. This kind of people is almost common in the sixth year. Moreover, they fight with people. If they are lower than themselves, it's good to attack them. It is enough to shake off the fighting skills displayed by the opponent. But if you meet a strong person with similar strength, then I am afraid that they will fall into a tragic end of being killed by others.

"According to the time, if I entered the top ten, I might be an elder in the inner courtyard for about a year. If you want to go back to the Kama Empire and don't mind the trouble, I can hang out with you for a while. Anyway, it's my plan to travel to the sixth year in the future." Lin Yan patted Xiaoyan on the shoulder. Hehe laughed.

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The strong wind exploded, and Queen Medusa released her hand violently. In a skilful way, the black chain turned suddenly, turning into a vague black line, which shot away at the distant black mist.

"Old Su, I said you'd better give Hanban a strange fire. If your dean were here, we wouldn't agree to this deal. But unfortunately, the old man, after so many years, doesn't know whether he's dead or what happened."Silver-pawn old man's voice had a mean smile, but the tone of his voice was the same as that of gold-pawn old man.

(The first one!)

Hearing this, Ziyan three people in a daze, then a slight nod.

Xiao Yan different fire was killed, Fan tuberculosis heart scolded a voice, just want to attack it again will intercept, the body of that heart fire, but at this moment suddenly burst up, intense pain, so that he hastily separated some fighting force hold the pressure.

Beauty such as jade, charming nature, enchanting the world, before this beauty, seems to be worthy of such an evaluation.

With the passage of time, Queen Medusa's cheeks suddenly seemed less painful color, its head of the invisible flame, the shadow and the snake shadow, seems to be unconsciously, quietly have the sign of merging... See this, although the queen Medusa soul burning torment, but that fall heart, seems in a mistake, will queen Medusa and the python's soul.The roast melted quietly.Although this fusion is extremely slow, but can imagine, once she insists on the two souls thoroughly fused, that is to be able to completely control the body, and then, falling heart inflammation on her restraint effect, will automatically dissipate... Although falling heart inflammation has some intelligence, but obviously to this situation is not clear, therefore, it is do not know, it is in the increase heart fire refining, but secretly helped Queen Medusa a big do... Of course, this is only the situation of Queen Medusa, compared with it, Xiao Yan is to appear miserable many, because with the body temperature continues to rise, soon after he this kind of **, will be in this high temperature, slowly melt.... Face red, Xiao Yan blood at this moment's admiration, as if the skin is extremely hot, will be extremely hot with the human body.

Today, away from the competition has been nearly five days, but Xiao Yan still does not wake up from cultivation signs, this makes Wu Hao and other people very worried, several times proposed to force the former from the cultivation state to wake up, but later are blocked by Xun Er, with her eyesight, nature is able to faint sense, Xiaoyan internal fighting, is increasingly surging, until really awake, the strength will certainly in this serious injury after a great progress, at this time will wake up, no doubt will lose this excellent promotion opportunity.

"Hey, Elder Su, isn't it just a fire? Can you use it so hard? The gold-robed old man smiled at Su Qian, and the silver-robed old man beside him was also worshipping strange things and laughing at him."

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