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In the morning of the following day, a few human shadows sprang up on a mountain peak outside the poison city.His eyes gazed at the huge city at the foot of the mountain. Xiao Yan breathed out a breath. "Are you going to come with me?"

The second kind of strange fire, naturally, is the 14th ranking falling heart inflammation, this invisible fire, in fact, in terms of destructive power, it is almost the same as Qinglian heart fire, but wins in the strange, of course, there is a kind of most eye-catching magic effect, that is, can help people quench internal fighting qi, speed up cultivation degree.

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Voice down, he took a big hand, it is intended to Xiao Yan in front of the three jade boxes to pull over.

As soon as the voice fell, the little medical immortals stood up, hesitated for a moment, gently unbuttoned her clothes, and finally bit her lips slightly. In the astonished eyes of Medusa and Ziyan, a jade body as white and delicate as ivory, concave and convex, was so exposed in the air.

In addition, they were most appalled by Xiao Yan, who killed the powerful emperor in just a few rounds. He never thought that there was such a strong man in the camp of Poison Sect, in addition to the minor medical immortals.

Medusa-smiled and nodded her head. Although Ziyan is only the strength of the fighting emperor, but with that terrible strange force, ordinary strong emperor, but also difficult to compete with him, but also a great help.

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"Yes!"The attendant bowed and turned quickly away.


Remote sky above, huge gray purple space cage, suddenly out of regulation an abnormal wave, I saw that the space around the distortion barrier, suddenly ripples, only a moment time, the curved arc is more and more tiny, to get finally, the twisted space, unexpectedly is so slow to completely restore to go.

Potatoes like to watch the monthly ticket go up, even if it is one, but it can let the potato know,

A melancholy sigh came out of his mouth, Xiao Yan restrained and patted Ziyan's head, and his heart was a little confused. helped myself a lot...

"Well, if you get to the city ahead, you can notify Canaan College, and then it's safe."No one refused Xiao Yan's proposal. Although the chasing soldiers of the Evil Flame Valley were killed, Wu Hao was injured. He was escorted by Xiao Yan and other strong men. Of course, the negotiation was finished. Wu Hao would no longer procrastinate. With a shout, he ordered everyone to hurry off and then leave the small valley where they once lingered on the line of life and death... As for Xie Zhen's corpse, Xiao Yan bowed his finger and then turned directly into ashes. In this way, the four elders of Evil Flame Valley were so quietly dispersed.

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